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Pursue a Hands–On Career in Electronic & A/V Systems

Lighting control and low level home automation have created a great deal of opportunity in the Electronic & Audio Visual Systems field. The demand for home theater installation or commercial and residential security systems are also great avenues in this industry.

The Electronic & Audiovisual Systems (EAV) program is designed to prepare students for employment in the audiovisual systems, electronic systems and live sound reinforcement industries. EAV students develop a solid foundation in principles of electricity and electronics, and the application of low–voltage electronics to residential and commercial applications. Students acquire the basics of media systems design, especially as it relates to sound and video systems. They learn low voltage installation techniques including, networking systems, integration of audio and video components, and live sound reinforcement. Students work with a variety of tools and hardware, including digital multimeters, cable testers, reflectometers, cabling, switches, connector blocks and equipment racks. Throughout the program they are trained in on–the–job safety.

Electronic & Audio Visual Systems Department Reel

Hear about this exciting program and the industry that is continuously growing and changing from our instructors.

Hands–On Training to Become a Skilled Technician

Associate of Applied Science Degree

60 weeks

It's not just classrooms in Madison Media Institute's Associate of Applied Science Degree program in Electronic & Audio Visual Systems. If the topic for the day is subwoofers, you'll spend some time in lecture but the rest of the time is then spent hooking up subwoofers. You get to make a lot of noise and use your hands in this program!

As an Electronic & Audio Visual Systems student you'll learn about home theater installation in our commercial grade theater, as well as how to design and build high–speed data networks, AV systems, security systems, live sound reinforcement systems, and much more. You'll learn how to connect components ranging from digital display projectors to audio components to networking infrastructure. You'll also study non-technical aspects of the electronic & audio visual systems business, and breaking trends in the electronic systems industry.

Graduates of this program enter the professional world with confidence after receiving one–on–one mentorship from instructors, who are well versed in the industry, and hands–on training with professional grade audio visual equipment & software.

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Career Opportunities

This is an exciting time for the EAV field. More and more people are using electronics remotely but they need them to work seamlessly and simply. Each project takes on a life of its own, making any one of these career opportunities engaging, rewarding AND readily available!

Take a look at some of the career paths in this industry:

Commercial Systems Installation

  • AV Systems
  • Data Networking and Telephone
  • CCTV
  • Security Systems
  • Fire Alarm
  • Access Control
  • Life Safety Systems

Residential Installation

  • AV Systems
  • Home Automation
  • Home Theater
  • Data Networking
  • Cable
  • DSS
  • Security
  • CCTV

Commercial Sales and Technical

  • Systems Designer
  • Systems Programmer
  • Project Manager
  • System Sales
  • Product Technical Support

Residential Systems Sales and Technical

  • Systems Designer
  • Systems Programmer
  • Project Manager
  • System Sales
  • Product Technical Support

Live Sound Reinforcement

  • Live Sound Engineer
  • Live Event Technician
  • Stagehand
Get hands on training in the audio visual systems degree program

These positions are typically found within low–voltage integration companies (sellers and installers of security systems, fire alarms, intercom systems, home networks, and audio–visual systems), business communication (voice+data) infrastructure resellers, high–end consumer electronics retailers, and cable/media companies.

Put your head and your hands to work with a degree in Electronic and A/V systems…Sign up today!

Meet Our Featured Instructor

Justin Scofield

Justin Scofield developed an early understanding of technology and mechanics during his teen years and spent much of his time in his home studio DJing and recording music. With aspirations of a career in the music industry, he moved to Madison in the mid 90's to attend Madison Media Institute's Recording and Music Technology program. He has served many posts since, including Chief Engineer and Operations Manager of a Madison based lighting and sound reinforcement company as well as its partner recording studio. Additionally, Justin served as an Audio/Visual Engineer for several live music venues in the Madison area over the years and has been a Technology Consultant and Technical Advisor for many area groups and businesses. Justin transitioned into the custom audio/visual and automation systems integration market in the late 90's and has been involved in hundreds of high level projects throughout Madison, the Midwest, and around the country. He has worn many hats in the EAV field including sales, design, installation, and programming. Prior to instructing at MMI, he held a seat on the on the Program Advisory Committee for the EAV program and has helped with its development over the last several years. Justin continues to perform and produce music and loves sharing his knowledge of music, film, and technology.

Madison Media Institute featured instructor Justin Scofield


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