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What can Career Services really do for me?

MMI Career Services is a vital component to success in your future career. We are here to help you, advise you and provide tools and resources that support your career strategy and ultimately your job search.

Laura Mael

Career Services Director



Phone: 608-237-8312

Laura is committed to assisting MMI students and grads in building personalized successful job search strategies that will last a lifetime. While she has almost 30 years of networking to fall back on for student referrals, she relies on researching the newest trends in hiring practices and sharing her own personal job search strategies first and her network connections second.

"I can offer our students and graduates strategies that last a lifetime — that can help them throughout their career. A warm job lead while temporarily functional is not long lasting. We're here to help build pathways to dreams — not quick fixes"

Laura has a long history in the Madison community and earned the 2010 Johnson Financial Group Community Service Award, earned a 2012 Bronze Telly Award as Executive Producer for a joint project with the Madison Police Department and MMI and serves on multiple boards and committees for several non–profit agencies in the Madison area.

Robert Agnew Jr.

Career Services Advisor



Phone: 608-237-8342

Robert Agnew Jr. is thrilled to be at MMI! He is a young bright professional in the Career Development industry. Robert Agnew has worked in student engagement across the board from elementary to post secondary student environments.

Robert Agnew is highly motivated and aims everyday to deepen students' understanding of embarking on the career journey by sharing the most up to date career development evidence based research information. He can help you prepare to land the next job and map out how to reach your dream job with life wisdom and research career goal achievement is possible.

He is dedicated to transforming lives at MMI. "Transformation is the acceptance of change and its transition process." —Robert Agnew jr.

Tim Andersen

Career Services Coordinator



Phone: 952-897-1111

Tim started his career as a guitar player, touring with original rock bands (Uncle Zeek, Clown, Pirate). Tim eventually turned his passion for music into a studio career. As a recording engineer, working in studios in Los Angeles and Minneapolis he earned seven gold records, two platinum records and has credits on over 100 projects for tracking and mixing. Currently he serves as Chair of the upper Midwest chapter of the Audio Engineering Society and continues to mix projects and mentor young engineers. Tim's 30 plus years in the industry has given him the networking skills, strategies and connections needed to get students and graduates on the right path to a new career.

Career Services is not just for graduates who have waited until they have their degree and are ready to start building their career. It is a department that is highly involved in every semester of each student's "school career" to help you succeed in school and prepare for your job search to gain employment following graduation.

The Career Services Department assists with and encourages job shadowing, networking, paid internships and part time jobs to financially assist you while you complete your degree. Once students are in their final semester, job searching is heavily encouraged, especially since finding the first professional job is a process that takes an average of 6–12 months. We support our student's efforts by working hard to hold job fairs, on–site interview opportunities and a Graduate Showcase for every graduating group.

The sooner you begin preparing for your career search, the greater your chances of gaining employment in your field.

The best way to take advantage of the tools and resources available through Career Services is to:

  • Start meeting with Career Services during your first semester at MMI
  • Continue regularly scheduled meetings with Career Services – if they know you it's easier to make personalized referrals to employers for you!
  • Read all the emails sent to your account from Career Services – it's either a job lead, information about a job opportunity event or a seminar on how to improve your interview techniques

Career Services contracts with every student for services through two years post graduation. What does this mean? All the services you received prior to graduation you can take advantage of post–graduation! Our goal is to help you get started on your career and we mean it! You can call or stop in as often as you like, we'll send you job lead updates and you can attend any event – it's just that simple!

  • Build a customized career strategy and plan–of–action through Career Counseling
  • Explore "pay your bills" jobs while attending school to keep you financially on track
  • Attend career–focused workshops available on campus
  • Create a professional level resume and cover letter
  • Practice job interview scenarios
  • On–campus job fairs and interview opportunities
  • Provide direction and resources for job searches that are program specific including job boards, interview questions and industry specific information
  • Discover local job fairs, e–resources, and MMI's exclusive job board where employers contact MMI seeking MMI students and alumni to fill their open positions
  • Skills to use to gain new contacts to help you connect with other professionals
  • Information so you can gain a better understanding and direction for freelance work and business ownership
  • Guidance to help you stay on target academically through career counseling – we care about your academics as much as we care about the job you get once you graduate! It's all keys to your success!
  • COMING SOON – online resume website where alumni and current students can house their resumes and portfolio work available for businesses to use as they search for new employees

There are many websites you can use to help you with career planning; the following are just a few that we happen to use and like:

2014 Placement Statistics



Number of Graduates

Number of Graduates Placed

% ACCSC* Placement


Audio & Recording Arts





Business in Media



Digital Art & Design





Digital Marketing & Media



Digital Photography Technician Certificate



Electronic & A/V Systems





Entertainment & Media Business





Game Art & Animation





Animation & Game Design





Independent Digital Film



Mobile Application Development Certificate



Recording & Music Technology





Video & Motion Graphics




* Placement percentages are based on the Standards of Accreditation as outlined by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)

** This is a new program with no graduates as of the 2013 reporting year. No data is available at this time.

1 Placement data are as reported to the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). It includes program completers that started the program between 4/1/2011 and 3/31/2012. ARA started 86 students between April 1, 2011 and March 31, 2012. 32 graduated within 150% of the Program Length. 21 graduated on time (16 Months). Of the graduates 21 are employed in the field, 3 continued their education and 0 were unavailable for employment.

2 Placement data are as reported to the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). It includes program completers that started the program between 10/1/2010 and 9/30/2011. AGD started 28 students between October 1, 2010 and August 30, 2011. 17 graduated within 150% of the Program Length. 13 graduated on time (20 Months). Of the graduates 10 are employed in the field, 4 continued their education and 0 were unavailable for employment.

3 Based on the ACCSC reporting period - April 2011 to March 2012

4 Based on the ACCSC reporting period - October 2010 to September 2011

Career Search Resources

We offer this Free jobs and career community through a resource called Glassdoor. Glassdoor offers the world an inside look at jobs and companies. MMI is proud to be able to offer this valuable tool. Glassdoor includes:

  • Job listings
  • Salary details
  • Company reviews
  • Interview questions

”Glassdoor You get unlimited access to GlassDoor through this link.

Resume resources and samples

Download our "Basic Resume Tips" and resume samples below"

Employer Testimonial

Career Services Overview

Student Reel

Career Service's Contacts

Madison Campus

  • Laura Mael, Career Services Director
    Phone: 608-237-8312

  • Robert Agnew Jr., MMI Career Services Advisor
    Phone: 608-237-8342

  • General Email:

Minneapolis Campus

  • Tim Andersen, Career Services Coordinator
    Phone: 952-897-1111