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Independent Filmmakers and Creators

The idea, the dream that is circling your mind, driving you to fever until it's unleashed. The spirit of a freelancer and grit of a craftsman is what's needed in the Motion Picture and Television production industry. A demo reel and an approved Associate's degree is a prerequisite for this program. The industry depends on an economically diverse workforce and vast project collaboration.

The Independent Digital Film Department Reel

What you will learn

The Independent Digital Film program will prepare you for the reality of the marketplace through the instruction of the filmmaking business and behind-the-scenes aspects of filmmaking including how the industry works for independent films, web-based productions and other avenues of exhibition.

Some of the areas of study are:

  • Screenwriting
  • Art Design
  • Directing the Actor
  • Production Management
  • Funding and Distribution
  • Sound Theory

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How you will learn

The instructors at Madison Media Institute have the experience that will start you out on the right foot.You will learn how to:

  • Write a script
  • Break down a script for pre-production
  • Budget a script
  • Shoot a script
  • Develop post production workflow
  • Distribute and market a film
  • Create your own filmmaking business
Get hands on training in the Independent Digital Film degree program

What's the takeaway?

Bachelor of Science Degree Completion

60 Weeks

From managing productions, to finding distributors and production assistants, there will continue to be an increased need and a priority given to highly trained and experienced employees. The Digital Film Final Project in the fourth semester will anchor you to the skills needed to make quality short films.

You want to be an independent filmmaker? The keyword here is "Independent." It was developed with following industry changes:

  • With the influx of online distributors like Netflix's Red Envelope, YouTube's Screening Room and Amazon's Studios, more opportunities for outlets and exposure are given to all filmmakers.
  • Hollywood film is still one of the biggest exports of American entertainment and more states are courting Hollywood as location sites creating many working opportunities.

Graduates of The Independent Digital Film program will be prepared to enter this growing industry.

Here are just some of the career opportunities for qualified Independent Filmmakers

  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Production Managers
  • Associate Producers
  • Screenwriters
  • Cinematographers
  • Editors
  • Art Supervisors and Designers
  • Post Production Sound

Put all your hard work into action with a degree in Independent Digital Film…Sign up today!

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