Every Day


Sean MacBean, graduating from Minneapolis in June, is ALREADY EMPLOYED!  Sean will be making motion graphics for new show on HGTV!  The name of the show has not been released yet.  Way to go SEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks to the efforts of many, one student decided NOT to withdraw from MMI yesterday.  This student had multiple discussions with Academic Services and Financial Aid.  The best connection was made when the student spoke with Nile McKibben, both having a history with the military.  Nile’s military background gave him an opportunity to reach the student on a level that no one else could.  Like the old saying goes, “It takes a village…”


Sometimes we don’t realize how we influence people and particularly in this case prospective students. We currently have a student in the application process that is for whatever reason having a difficult time moving to the enrolled status.  I offered to contact them to see if I could help move them forward. On my first call I was able to reach his sister and kindly asked her to give the student a message that Steve Briggs head of the EAV department at MMI called to speak with them. As I was getting ready to call the next day, my phone rang and I received a phone call from them. They were quite impressed that head of the department had taken the time to contact them. The time isn’t always readily available in your schedule but sometimes the little details can makes a real difference.


Today in Minneapolis, we honored the memory and achievements of Tom Tucker.  Studio B has been officially renamed “Tucker Hall”.  We had letters made and installed.  We will also be awarding a student at each graduation the Tom Tucker Award.  This award will be voted on each term by the faculty and staff. The award winner will have demonstrated a passion for Engineering, high academic achievement and attendance as well as a desire to make the world sound better.  A plaques will be installed outside of Tucker Hall with the name of all award winners.  Member from the community, grads, students, faculty, staff and family attended the wonderful event.

We make a difference EVERY DAY!