Book Review: NGUI for Unity by Charles Bernardoff

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NGUI is a Plugin for Unity3D which provides a very robust Graphic User Interface for game and application development. I have been working with NGUI for over a year and it has been instrumental for several of the products we have been producing.

NGUI is developed for Unity 3D by Tasharen Entertainment and is currently available in the Unity 3D Asset Store

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Up until the release of this book by Bernardoff and published through Packt Publishing there has been little documentation for this versatile and incredibly useful tool.

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Bernardoff, takes the reader through a series of tutorial steps covering all this package has to offer. This includes all common widgets such as Buttons and Sliders, Atlasses and UI Panels.

The book has a very complete table of contents and index that lets you find what you are looking for very simple. I reviewed the electronic version which aided in quickly narrowing down search topics.

This step by step guide also provides an excellent resource for first time User Interface developers as well as covering a simple 2D game created with this tool set.

8667OT_NGUI for Unity_Mini (MnM)

The NGUI plugin itself is one of the best items available in the Unity Asset store and with the help of this guide, novices and experts alike will be able to create very detailed and functional interfaces. NGUI is a complete replacement of the native uGUI that comes with unity. The native uGUI in the current unity 3D 4.3 release leaves a lot to be desired.

Unity Technologies likes NGUI so much that it has acquired the software and retained its developer Michael “ArenMook” Lyashenko who is now an employee. The NGUI toolset is slated to be released in an upcoming version of Unity and becoming familiar with this tool now will put you ahead of the game when it is rolled out. The announcment of the enclusion of the NGUI tool set was made  at the 2013 Unite conference in Vancouver. A video of of Michael at the conference explaining the new tool can be found here.

Although most developers are using NGUI for game development interfaces and 2D games, our company also uses it to construct apps for Android and iOS devices. This hidden feature of Unity and NGUI make these tools essential for Mobile Application Developers.

I highly recommend this book for any developers using NGUI.

-Eric W.


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