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Marketing & Event Management Class Helps Vets

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I’m Matt Eidson, Instructor, Entertainment & Media Business, at Madison Media Institute.  One of the classes I teach is Marketing & Event Management.  In this class, we have students put into action what they learn.  Here is just one example.

Marketing To Support Local Veterans

After one week of coming up with ideas for our class assignment, the students decided on supporting a local veteran’s group called DryHootch. Their motto is: “Helping veterans and their families who survived the war; survive the peace.” When Melinda (who runs DryHootch Madison) and one of the members spoke to our class, it just resonated with everyone.  Since Don Runaas is a 5-6 tour Afghanistan/Iraq veteran and a student at MMI, his story about how DryHootch helps many area vets, including himself, help solidify our decision. [More…]

MMI Game Department: Create Your Own Superhero


If you’d like to put your creative side to work in a high-tech field, animation may be a good choice for you. Combining animation and motion capture skills, you could give virtual characters life-like qualities that are sought after in the entertainment, education and marketing industries.  The MMI game department can teach you how to create and animate your comic book hero or villain in our 3D Modeling for Gaming or Animation & Motion Capture programs.

MMI has game instructors that have been in the game industry for years and have the skills to teach you what you need to know. Jeff Butler is our drawing and concept artist instructor, Justin Weingarter is our instructor for digital sculpting and Bobby Duncanson is the animation and motion capture instructor. With the skills you will learn at MMI you can create your super hero or super villain (MUHAHAHAHAHAHA) today!  Here is a quick sample we created for a contest we ran at MMI.

-You’ll have a lot of fun-

Read more about our Animation and Motion Capture program

Mound Westonka High School at the MMI Recording Studio


Students from Mound Westonka High School came to Minneapolis Media Institute Open House Saturday April  9th, 2016.  The ensemble choir group (Sarah Brammer, Joseph Colianni, Shelby Cooper and Nick Drilling) stopped by to record the song, “Calling My Children Home”, arranged by Joseph H Jennings.

Recording and Sound Technician



Williamson Magnetic Recording Company


On Friday, March 25, we had a great time hanging out at Williamson Magnetic Recording Company – Madison’s new all-analog studio.

It’s a great space – located in a 110-year-old building with its original wood floor, plaster walls and woodwork.  The vibe is exactly what you’d want for an analog studio – warm and comfortable. Perhaps less expected is that it takes up the ground floor of a bakery. No matter, though: if it sounds good – and it does – it is good. [More…]

Full Stack Developer


Last Time

Last time we discussed a Front-end or Web Designer and how their knowledge of graphics and obsession of pixel level details helps create the look and feel of an app or website. I also continued with that house analogy of comparing back-end development (blueprint design) to front-end development (interior designers) to Front-end Designers (aesthetic placement and textiles). If you want to go back and see what I read in more detail, you can do so here. [More…]

Alumni Spotlight – Andrew Danielson


Andrew Danielson currently resides in Minneapolis Minnesota but is originally from Victoria, MN. He’s an avid fan of bluegrass, blues as well as other various genres of music.

Andrew is currently employed as an Audio/ Visual Technician for the Colonial Church of Edina and is a skilled freelance audio engineer that has aspirations to work in Film as well as TV Post Production. He is not only a very driven and focused young man but enjoys playing the banjo and cooking in his spare time. Andrew has been known to make an outstanding Chicken Parmesan but his real passion comes to the surface with his love for microphones and analogue outboard gear.

Madison Area Music Association Breakthrough Artist 2016

Trap Saturn

On Saturday, March 19th, I was a judge for the Madison Area Music Association Breakthrough Artist of the Year competition. It was a great event and a great experience. I’d like to give a brief overview of the event and then offer a few takeaway impressions and bits of advice.

Madison Area Music Association Competition

The event was held at Full Compass Systems, in their large and very well equipped performance hall. It bears mentioning that the space was designed and built by Full Compass specifically to provide a free venue for local non-profit groups like MAMA, which in turn uses all proceeds to provide music education and instruments to local schoolchildren. It’s a good cause. And it was fun to browse around Full Compass’s retail store before the show – Jonathan Lipp has a very cool collection of microphones and vintage gear on display. It also warmed my heart a bit to see a pristine Studer A800 tape machine in one of the studio rooms – a legendary piece of recording equipment, to be sure.


Front-end or Web Design

web design

Last Time

“Wait a minute. Your last blog was about Front-end Development. Now you’re talking about Front-end Web Design. They’re the same, right?” Honestly, the correct answer is a confusing “maybe.” Last time I laid out the skill set and importance of the Front-end Developer and how they fit into the creation of an app or website. I also continued with the lovely house analogy of how to compare back-end development to front-end: back-end people design the blueprint while front-end people are the interior designers. If you want to go back and see what I wrote in more detail, you can do so here. [More…]

Front-end Development

Front-end Development

Last Time

The last blog we discussed some of the roles and desires of someone involved in Back-end development. I also gave a house analogy of how to compare back-end development to front-end: back-end people design the blueprint while front-end people are the interior designers. If you want to go back and see what I wrote in more detail, you can do so here.

Next Time

So what is the goal of this blog? It’s simple: to education and share information to those that are just starting out in the field and are looking for some clarification. We’ll go over some common roles, skill sets and (further along) techniques that will hopefully help you in your education and career choice(s). We’ve already discussed back-end and front-end development and it’s a fairly clear divide between the two with no other interpretations, right? Tune in next time to find out why this isn’t the case.

This Time

Since Back-end Development got to bask in the spotlight last blog, Front-end Development will get their turn for this session. The first thing that we need to understand is that in this context, Front-end Development does not mean the same as Front-end Design or simply Web Design. If you see a job title with the word “Development” in it that means that there will typically be coding involved. Not as much as Back-end, but it will be there: HTML, CSS and Javascript. The more coding you can do, the more marketable you will be. [More…]

How much is a picture worth to you?

Horror film shoot

A thousand words? A few ideas? One solitary concept? What story does it tell?

This is the basis for film. The story in front of the camera is just as important as the story behind the camera. Having worked on many productions, I can always remember what went on behind the camera. Those moments are embedded in my memory. I’m not sure why. Maybe it is because the heat on a summer day reaches 103 degrees and the crew still had four more shots to do or I was standing on a frozen lake with wind whipping at my face in minus ten weather waiting for the iceboats to get ready. I remember the emotional challenges of trying to stay focused and finish the work. [More…]