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Ditch the Van… Sustainable Touring with Ben Solle

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Louisville, KY singer-songwriter Ben Sollee came to the Majestic Theater in Madison last week for the final show of a 10 date, 14-day tour. Unlike most touring musicians he is not arriving by van or bus, instead Ben his band mate Jordon and tour manager Katie were traveling via bicycles for the smartly titled Ditch the Van Tour. The challenge of two wheel touring is made more intriguing considering Sollee’s main instrument, the cello, which is strapped to his bike for the journey. [More…]

Never Overlook The Experience

Madison Media Institute

We all want convenience. As entertainment becomes more convenient, more portable, it gets easier and easier to overlook a major component of entertainment, which is the physical aspect that contributes to our overall experience. [More…]

Instagram As A Social Marketing Tool

Instagram recently celebrated its third birthday (launched October 2010), which follows Facebook’s acquisition of the App for approximately $1 billion (April 12, 2012). With an average of 40 million photos posted daily the App has quickly become more than just selfies, cat pictures and photos of our dinner. This brief survey of how designer/illustrator Shepard Fairey is utilizing the App demonstrates how the photo/video sharing social platform can be an important marketing tool. [More…]

You Can’t Make Money in the Music Business

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“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” – Mark Twain

So seem reports on the death of the music industry… These 31 artists account for almost $1 Billion in revenue within the last year. The odds may be against you, but numbers like this tend to keep the dream alive. [More…]


Madison Media Institute

Noun: a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

As MMI welcomes a new group of students for the Fall semester I’m reminiscing about myself at age eighteen (as seen above) and the path I’ve followed ever since. After a bit of consideration one word sums up much of my success, opportunity. [More…]

Is Apple Broken?

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Looking at Apple’s Woes Via the Product Life Cycle

This week I’m turning a fantastic classroom discussion into, what I hope, is a thought provoking blog post. In March, attendees of the SXSW Tech conference hyped the death of Apple, based on word-of-mouth, the success of Samsung Galaxy mobile devices and, of course, the passing of Steve Jobs. Six months later there is growing sentiment amongst the masses that things are indeed amiss at the consumer electronics giant. [More…]