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Madison Media Institute

Noun: a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

As MMI welcomes a new group of students for the Fall semester I’m reminiscing about myself at age eighteen (as seen above) and the path I’ve followed ever since. After a bit of consideration one word sums up much of my success, opportunity. [More…]

Is Apple Broken?

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Looking at Apple’s Woes Via the Product Life Cycle

This week I’m turning a fantastic classroom discussion into, what I hope, is a thought provoking blog post. In March, attendees of the SXSW Tech conference hyped the death of Apple, based on word-of-mouth, the success of Samsung Galaxy mobile devices and, of course, the passing of Steve Jobs. Six months later there is growing sentiment amongst the masses that things are indeed amiss at the consumer electronics giant. [More…]

MMI Students Gain Valuable Experience At Live On King Street


Majestic’s Theater’s Live on King Street in Madison is gaining popularity and it has become a fantastic opportunity for Madison Media students. The concerts are streamed live with the technical assistance through 5nines and the webcasts are watched from as far away as Japan.   Students are gaining experience in live events as they run camera along with professional videographers. They are working with Hinckley Design and Production which is switching the show live. [More…]

The Busy Life Of Martin Atkins

Madison Media Institute

I’m locked in a hotel room in Rockford IL trying to finish up my third book Band:Smart with the help of two MMI graduates:

Kelly Paulsen DAD grad (who is also responsible for my amazing Nissan Cube Car Wrap!) and Chris Ruppenthal EMB grad – they are helping me edit, refine, clarify, check, rewrite, mangle and generally push to the end of what has been an amazing three year project. [More…]