MMI Graduate Talk Series

Brent Pugh

Join Career Services and the MMI Student Center in welcoming 2009 Recording & Music Technology Graduate BRENT PUGH to our inaugural “MMI Graduate Talk” Series. Brent will share his journey from MMI graduation to being a studio owner in Milwaukee.

Wednesday, October 22nd
Noon to 1:00 PM
MMI Student Center located at 2846 Agriculture Dr.

Complimentary popcorn, coffee, tea and hot chocolate available [More…]

MMI Students Welcome Mayor Paul Soglin

Paul Soglin

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin recently shared insights with Madison Media Institute students enrolled in the course “The Role of Mass Communication in Culture and Politics.”

In his younger days, Soglin was a counterculture icon who championed opposition to the Vietnam War. Known as “The Hippie Mayor” when he was first elected to office in 1973 at age 27, he’s been elected Mayor seven times, serving 17 years in office spread over four decades. And he will be on the ballot for re-election this spring. [More…]

City of Madison Bandswap

Dani Grant

Dani Grant

September 20th was a great day for musicians in Madison. This was the city’s second year participating in the event. Bandswap is organized by a company called Spokesbuzz from Fort Collins Colorado. Dani Grant is the director of the program.

Bandswap at its core is a band exchange program. Spokesbuzz has created partnerships with about eight different cities around the country and Madison happens to be one. This year Fort Collins sent us a killer band by the name of Stella Luce. In turn lol we punished them by sending them the most metal band this side of the Mississippi River, The Lords of the Trident. (The Lords pride themselves on being brutal). [More…]

Entertainment & Media Business Student Spotlight

cassy goldbeck

Congratulations to Entertainment & Media Business student Cassy Goldbeck! We asked her to tell us about her recent career success and to give some advice to her fellow students:

My job for J. Stevens Productions is ever changing. I help to advance concerts that will be coming to the Crystal Grand Music Theatre. This job includes reading the riders that the bands have in their contracts. We need to make certain that the band has the proper equipment available to execute their show to the best of our ability. I also have to make sure that we have all of the accommodations set forth by their contract. I make sure that we have ample people to help unload and set up as well as tear down the stage equipment and any runners that they may need to get the band and crew to their hotels or any other places they need to go. [More…]

New in the Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center

The new arrivals for the week of September 28, 2014 are now available at the Learning Resource Center. These publications include Downbeat, 3D Artist, Fast Company, American Cinematographer, and Sound on Sound. Please stop by the Learning Resource Center to review these publications!

In the October, 2014 issue of Downbeat, Frank Alkyer explains how brass man Wylcliffe Gordon isn’t shy about expressing his respect for Louis Armstrong’s legacy as he delivers an entertaining and insightful dissertation on the enduring importance of Pops. [More…]

But What I Really Want to be is a Director

VMG Graduate Robb Thompson celebrating 'The Voice' Emmy win

How two Madison Media Institute Graduates got into the Director’s Guild of America Training Program

Derek Schelling

Derek Schelling on a photo shoot in New York

One is on the West Coast while the other is on the East Coast but both of them have been accepted into the Director’s Guild of America (DGA) Training Program. Derek Schelling is a 2012 graduate of the Video and Motion Graphics program at Madison Media Institute and Robb Thompson is a 2011 graduate of the same program. Both applied to the DGA program and got accepted about the same time. [More…]

Championship Awards Delivers THE MIC


I want to send a big thank you to Dan Jaworski (pictured) and Samantha Kubly (previous blog) from Championship Awards for their help with “Protect THE MIC”. I called Samantha one afternoon a week ago and expressed a need for help. I shared the plight of Hip-Hop in Madison with her and our need for the city to organize our efforts to promote the equity of the urban arts.

Samantha as it turns out was very aware of the fact that Hip-Hop has been stifled in Madison, WI because her brother is a performer and he also has no place to perform. This sadly has been the plight of singers and rappers all over the City of Madison. [More…]

Alumni Dan Szafranek in Ferguson, MO


I recently had an ESPN gig in Ferguson, MO covering a high school football team as they started their season in the midst of heated protests that stemmed from the shooting of Michael Brown.

The team could not practice on their own fields, as the school was locked down as a result of the riots, looting, and the local gas station being burned. The Ram’s were generous to open their practice facility for this high school team to get ready for their game. [More…]

New in the Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center

The new arrivals for the week of August 31, 2014 are now available at the Learning Resource Center. These publications include Communication Arts, Sound on Sound, Art in America, ImagineFX, and an announcement from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation. Please stop by the Learning Resource Center to review these publications!

Communication ArtsCommunication Arts
The September/October, 2014 issue of Communication Arts serves as the platform for Design Annual 55. As explained by Patrick Coyne, the 3,632 entries to the design competition reflect the continued reduction in submissions for traditional print categories such as brochures, catalogs and business papers. What increased was the number of integrated branding programs, motion-based entries and international participation. [More…]