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Stop by the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and see what’s new! We have several new publications for you to read and review!

July 2014 issue of Computer Arts
Contents include a special report on ‘The Art of Innovation’ and more. As explained by the author of the report, Frog’s Andreas Markdalen:

Design innovation take many forms but it all starts with asking the right questions. [More…]

New Media Institute Tutorial Website


I’m really excited to share the launch of the Media Institute, subscribers-only, tutorial website!

This tutorial website is a great resource for someone who’s interested in any of the programs offered at the Madison or the Minneapolis campus, and is also a great starting point for someone who wants to learn a new skill from one of our amazing instructors!

Starting out we have tutorials for audio production, photo editing, ZBrush, and Blender, as well as free downloadable assets like drum sounds, web design quick sheets, and more! [More…]

No One’s Above Getting Punched


Have you ever been punched in the face? No? Well it sucks! Trust me, you don’t want to have that happen! What does this have to do with your career in the entertainment arts? Everything, to me at least.

Have you ever met a person working in the media business that you just got under your skin? I mean under your skin to the point that you may be smiling at them, but in your head you have already punched them in the nose 6 times? Yeah… That guy! In this business its all about making relationships. Everyday you wake up you have a chance at bumping in to that one person that can change your life forever, especially if you are working on set or at a production gig. At the moment you meet that person, do you want to be the guy that he “mind punches” in the nose 6 times? No!


MMI Cleans Up at the Milwaukee 48 Hour Film Project!

Awards 48 Hour Film Project

The first future graduates of the Independent Digital Film program are no strangers to the big screen. Having won several awards for the Madison 48 Hour Film Project, they were ready to move up to the Milwaukee 48 Hour film Project. Their film “Vial Vile” won second overall and Best Director in the Milwaukee 48 HFP. Alex Kudrna received Best Director accolades as he coordinated and supervised alum and students Dave Reiling, Sarah Dopf, Randy Stewart, Champ Robinson, Jonathan Schaub, Emma Siewert,  and Ben Klemmer. The film also won Runner Up award overall.

Vial Vile 48 Hour Film Project


Win a $25 Gas Card In Our #MMISummer Contest


Madison Media Institute and Minneapolis Media Institute are partnering for our first ever #Hashtag contest!  During July 1st thru July 7th use #MMISummer on Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Telly, YouTube, and more!

Show us your best media to be entered to win a $25 Gas Card and a Media Institute SWAG bag! Two entries will be chosen!

Winners will be selected on July 8th, 2014 and notified when their entry is shared by Madison Media Institute and Minneapolis Media Institute on Twitter and Facebook!

Enter as many times as you want by using #MMISummer on your videos and photos!  [More…]

Dan Szafranek, MMI Graduate, at the White House!

Dan Szafranek at the White House

Dan Szafranek is a Media Institute Recording and Entertainment & Media Business graduate who has been very successful since he completed the programs. In addition to starting a media program for students in a Madison Area High School and opening his own recording studio, he has also been freelancing for ESPN. Dan is a great example of the possibilities that a student has available to them after they graduate from the Media Institute. It has been with great pleasure and a subtle sense of pride that I have watched him go from my classroom to the White House. Here is Dan’s story from his latest adventure!!

Recently I worked a job covering the Medal of Honor ceremony of Kyle Carpenter in the East Room at the White House. The shoot was for ESPN’s show E:60. The story is about a Marine named Kyle Carpenter who jumped on a grenade in battle to save his brother-in-arms. As a result of his act of valor he was horribly injured from the impact of the grenade directly to his body. After years of tough surgeries and recovery, Kyle is running marathons, skydiving, and competing in Tough Mudder competitions. He is a true American hero who lives life to the fullest.


A Day in Wisconsin’s History

public address system

This is a cool picture isn’t it? What’s going on here? This is a day in history in Wisconsin. The date on this picture is Friday, June 6. This location is the Wisconsin State Capital Building. The topic? The state ban on gay marriage was just overturned by Federal Judge Barbara Crabs. Right same thing that I would be thinking, “What does this have to do with Madison Media Institute?” To answer that we have to go back in time a day.

The morning before this I was at public radio WORT 88.9 FM in Madison promoting the school and the work I am doing with the Madison Arts Commission and the City of Madison Arts Administrator Karin Wolf talked to me about a ruling that might be coming through from a judge on an important topic. She asked me if I could assist her with sound. We are friends so I usually don’t question when she needs something and do what I can to help her out. She didn’t think it would be this week and asked if I could be on standby. No Problemo!!


The Rise of User-Generated Content or How My Dog Video Hit Paydirt


There is a lot of marketing buzz these days about user-generated video content. In its most basic definition, user-generated content is shot by a non-professional. This concept takes advantage of the high quality cameras consumers have on their webcams, Smartphone or tablets. Users can easily upload and share media. As businesses look for ways to get started with user-generated content, it presents a great opportunity for Madison Media Institute students. Using many of the concepts learned in class like shot composition, focus, and camera angles they are able to produce user-generated videos with a professional feel. I think this is a great way to get noticed by industry professionals, win prizes and get some bragging rights.


Madison Media Institute Sponsors Fit2Film Video Contest

Nella Citino and Fit2Film Video Contest Winners

The Fit2Film Video Contest was organized by the Dane County Youth Commission, Public Health-Madison and Dane County with the goal of engaging young people in the development of short, powerful video messages supporting health. This year´s focus was on healthy nutrition and lifestyle. The Mount Horeb winners produced a message titled Breakfast Builds Champions!

The winners of the 2014 Fit2Film Video Contest are a creative team from Mt. Horeb High School.  The team members are Ryan Epping, Evan Moris, Calvin Skalet and Alex Thompson. The team faculty advisor was Mr. Bart Leibfried. One of the facts provided in the contest materials was that more than 1 out of 5 Dane County teens skip breakfast every day or almost every day. The winners developed a humorous, simple but powerful video that really makes the viewer think twice before skipping breakfast. Click HERE to see the winning video. 


Thank You to Visual Effects Artist, Alberto Noti!

Alberto Noti Presentation

Alberto Noti, visual effects supervisor of Spider Man 2, The Matrix Reloaded, I Am Legend and Ghost Rider, made an appearance at Madison Media Institute on May 15th 2014.

Dissecting Images Presentation

Click here to see the slides from Alberto’s Presentation

Alberto gave a lecture to about 30 audiences members on how a single pixel is dissected and developed throughout a film. He described how many different shots are developed and sometimes as many as 182 rough cuts of an image are created to achieve that “perfect” shot. He also discussed opportunities in LA and how much time it takes to make a film (two to three years)  His expertise in VFX can seen on his IMDB page.