Independent Digital Film Project Chosen for Door County Short Film Festival

Door County Short Film Festival

MMI is proud to announce the first project from the Independent Digital Film program, titled “The In Tandem Show”  has been accepted into the Door County Short Film Festival.  The script was written by Sean Little and produced by a team of MMI students, staff and alumni. Sean Little fills us in on how “The In Tandem Show” developed from an exercise in writing into a short film. 

I wrote a script for a sitcom in hopes of submitting it to a contest.  I don’t remember the name of the contest, but the mother of a former student emailed me with the information that Scott Hansen, a comic and comedy promoter from Minneapolis, was running a contest for a sitcom located in the Midwest, with the hopes of producing it locally for the internet, or possibly a small television station.

Being a writer and always looking for a new project, I jumped at the chance to expand my horizons with this challenge.  I had written screenplays before, of course.  In my undergrad work, my senior project was writing the pilot for a sci-fi show, and then doing all the groundwork toward figuring costs in production.  I had written sketches for comedy shows, and I had dabbled in playwrighting, but I had never written a sitcom.  A sitcom has its own set of rules and structure, yet the story still has to be obvious, and there needs to be a beginning, a middle, and an end. [More…]

Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services

career services

Are you telling yourself you “want to” when you really “have to?”

In order to actually do what you say you want to start telling yourself you “have to.”  Switch up what you tell yourself quit the “want to’s” and hire the “have to’s.” The person, who says to themselves “I have to,” more often than not, avoids the slip into inaction which comes from a lot of wants and wishful thinking. Is meeting deadlines your challenge or is it just overall procrastination from fear or letting your past failures dictate your present? Overcome and win by telling yourself that there is no more wanting to do. Put your gear in full throttle and hit the gas because you “have to” from here on out! This is the only way to see it. [More…]

Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services

Career Services

Be the Leader that gets hired!

One essential fact is employers love to hire leaders. Someone with leadership experience, no matter where it comes from, tells the employer that this person is an i3 person. Initiative-taker, intelligent, and can handle the pressure of working independently. Leadership experience communicates to an employer that the individual across from them possesses the three I’s because the employer identifies you as a leader like them. So the interview turns from job-seeker and HR professional to leader and leader. [More…]

Madison Adobe User Group

Madison Adobe User Group

Just a year ago the Madison chapters of both the InDesign User Group and the Adobe User Group merged together to form one, big, gianormous, happy family! We boast nearly 600 members, and always welcome more.

What does the Adobe User Group do?

  • The Madison Adobe User Group (MAUG) holds meetings once every month or two, where we present on a Design or Production issue for which Adobe has an offering.
  • When a new version of the Creative Cloud rolls out, we provide you with all the latest info and features to try.
  • Our presenters are usually trained professional Adobe Users, but we are always open to hearing from our members who share their latest projects with us.
  • Our meeting season lasts from September to June, with summers off. [More…]

Alumni Spotlight – Aran Arms

Aran Arms

Congratulations to Madison Media Institute Graduate Aran Arms! We asked him to tell us about his recent career success and to give some advice to MMI students:

My current position is Audio/Visual Technician at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino in Milwaukee, Wi. Prior to working at Potawatomi I was employed at Guitar Center in Brookfield, Wi. It’s where I met the Banquet Manager of Potawatomi in June 2012 shortly graduation. I gave him such good service at the store he gave me his business card and said, “If you ever want a job in Potawatomi audio department, give me a call.” I left Guitar Center in January 2014 to work for an A/V company, who shall remain nameless, completely forgetting about my encounter with the Banquet Manager. [More…]

Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services

Career Services

This is your Career Services weekly update on jobs, interviewing tips, resume building insight, and network opportunities! Remember to “check on your future daily” @ MMI Job Board!  For full access please email me.

MMI Career Services Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday, January 13th 11am-2pm in Building A, Cintas Corporation will be conducting interviews with students for various positions! See Robert or Laura to lock an interview slot!

Career Advice from Career Services:

  • Are you a Cultural Creative??? Click HERE for an article especially for you 
  • Top Three Places From Which to Get Hired in 2015* 
  1.   Social Professional networks 46%
  2.   Employee referral program 45%
  3.   Company’s career page 44% [More…]

Career Services – New Weekly Blog for 2015

Career Services

Madison Media World!

Starting in 2015 you all will receive weekly news from the Madison Media Institute Career Services department. This weekly blog will have at least three categories. The sections will consist of:

MMI Career Services Upcoming Events

MMI Career Services Job Information

Dane County Job Center Hiring News 

You will get updates on the latest job search strategies, interview techniques, inspiration, and local hiring events. Stay Tuned!

Career Services is here for all your job search, resume, and career planning needs! Do not hesitate to stop in!

Click HERE for more information about the resources available at Madison Media Institute.

An Outsider’s Inside Look at a Madison Capitols Hockey Game

Madison Capitols

I recently had the opportunity to see some of our students applying their technical knowledge during a recent event I attended. The Madison Capitols, a United States Hockey League team, had a college career night on Saturday, December 13th. Several schools such as Edgewood College and the University of Wisconsin in addition to Madison Media Institute had tables set up to represent their college. Madison Media Institute was fortunate enough to have several students working the event and I had the opportunity to speak with them.

Deamate Williams, a Recording & Music Technology student, was heading the charge in the Master Control Room at the Alliant Energy Center, formerly the Dane County Coliseum. In normal situations, the room can include a plethora of individuals assigned with specific job duties. [More…]

MMI Student Jumps Aboard The Polar Express!

Polar Express

For the first time ever the Polar Express arrived in Middleton, WI and with it a seasonal job for Recording & Music Technology student Sedrick Hibbler. While the pay wasn’t awesome (somewhere slightly above minimum wage) the atmosphere was something you won’t experience anywhere else. While not a typical audio engineering position Sedrick said he couldn’t turn down the opportunity to live the holiday spirit for an entire shift at a job he has come to love!

“At the Polar Express I’m only operating an iPod and an amplifier, but I have learned so much because I am always searching for the extra tidbits of knowledge that can assist my career.”  Many times Sedrick has been called on to help “save the day” when something has gone wrong with the audio system or even just anything on the train (like missing dancing waiters – yup, you read that right!). His commitment to team excellence and flawless customer service has earned him the spot as the Head Engineer for the train in 2015 – way to go Sedrick! You know where to find your team of competent, energetic and fun engineers next year – right here at MMI! We’ll be waiting for your call! [More…]

A New Year Brings Changes at MMI

student center

Evan Weisrock

We all know the Student Center has closed. On December 17, we said goodbye to the space with a cookout that included many students as well as faculty and staff. Shout out to Evan Weisrock for braving the cold and cooking lots of burgers and hotdogs.

While the closing is sad and means we will have to say goodbye to an awesome space, with every ending comes a beginning. Let’s look forward and be optimistic about this ending and the possibilities for ourselves and our campus community. Many people have asked what will become of the furniture and equipment in the Student Center. Prior to the opening of the Center, much of the furniture and equipment was in the Break Rooms of Buildings A and B and will return there. Here is the current plan for the spaces. We welcome feedback and suggestions and remain open to change.  [More…]