Madison Career Chat Friday

Career Chat Fridays kick off  was awesome!  Not only was there free food but a great Biz Talk by Kelly Brophy of Gorman & Co.  Kelly is their marketing coordinator who came in looking to hire a contract videographers to create short videos on the historic properties they rehab into urban living spaces.

Kelly was pleasantly surprised by the depth of knowledge and creativity she received from attendees.  She left considering adding podcasts and 3D modeling and animation to the marketing plans for their properties!  Every attendee was able to spend some 1:1 time with Kelly with several scheduling follow up conversations in the near future regarding potential paid project work.  Kelly has already requested an opportunity to come back and speak again!  [More…]

Alumni Spotlight – Bailey Smoot

Entertainment Media Business Alumni Spotlight – Bailey Smoot

Congratulations to Madison Media Institute Entertainment Media Business Associate Degree Program graduate, and current Bachelor Degree Program student, Bailey Smoot, for landing her dream internship!

Bailey was recently brought on by Janesville, Wisconsin Country Radio Station 99.9 WJVL-FM/1230 WCLO-AM to help assist with their promotions.  She’ll be helping with all the remote broadcasts, Country Thunder, and the Rock County Fair. Bailey will also be sitting in on broadcasts and attending board meetings! [More…]

Alumni Spotlight – Eric Lavanger

alumni spotlight

Congratulations to our newest Alumni Spotlight, Eric Lavanger, who graduated from the Minneapolis Media Institute Recording Program in Spring 2013. 

Eric is working as an on air announcer and Producer for local sporting events at AM 1260 KROX in Crookston, Minnesota!   [More…]

3 Reasons To Say Yes To Summer Classes


3 Reasons Why Summer Classes Are A Great Idea

I know, “summer” and “school” don’t sound like two words that should be used in the same sentence. We grew up seeing summer as a vacation and the idea of sitting inside isn’t the most appealing. However, summer school is a great choice for so many reasons!

1. Use It Or Lose It

We’ve all heard that old adage, “use it or lose it,” and that completely applies summer classes. Instead of losing the skills you spent all year acquiring, why not build upon them?

Studies show that at the end of summer break a student scores worse than they did on the same test before summer break (1)  Why take that risk? [More…]

Media Institute Career Connections

career connections

Career Connections is a new resource provide by MMI to students, graduates and businesses!  Developed based on student and employer feedback, the new MMI Career Connections website was created as a virtual meeting space for students, graduates and employers. 

It’s your own personal MMI Profile page where you upload your stuff and where potential employers can go and search for stuff that meet the needs of their company! [More…]

Apple Products Evolution

Apple Products

Apple Products & The Evolution

In the Minneapolis Media Institute Business in Media Bachelor of Science Contemporary Literature class, we’re reading the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. The biography spends a lot of time talking about Jobs’ focus on design aesthetic and his scrupulous attention to detail, emphasizing the role design has played in Apple’s history. So recently in class, we took a look at some Apple products from over the last 30+ years.

apple mac

Analyzing the evolution of the design of these Apple products helps give us insight into what it is that sets Apple apart: How does Jobs’s attention to aesthetic detail reflect the values of the Apple corporation? How do the design details emphasize Jobs’s leadership style? How do these insights help us understand the influence Apple has had on the evolution of technology?  [More…]

Madison Media Institute Sponsors Film Festival

madison media institute

Madison Media Institute sponsored the Middleton High School Film Festival that was held on April 15th and several of our instructors were on the judges panel!

Congratulations to all the winners:

Best Editing: Ali Khan Middleton High School “Sincerity”

Most Original: Greg Jorgensen Middleton High School “Dectective Biggs & The Litter-Thug”

Best Animation: Jordan Winkler & Luke Kornelsen Deerfield High “Abduction Day” [More…]

5 Reasons You’re Not Successful

5 reasons

Here are 5 reasons you’re not successful:

  1. Comparing Your Success to Others

It is SO hard not to compare yourself to others. “Why are they doing better than me?” “Why are they making more money than me?” “Why did they get that job before me?” But the fact is, you have to stop. This was a struggle for me to adjust to. I couldn’t wrap my head around why all my friends were getting jobs right after college and I wasn’t. Was there something wrong with me? What wasn’t I doing right? I was doing everything right, what I was doing wrong was comparing my journey to others. If you compare yourself to those around you, you’re never going to be satisfied with yourself or what you have accomplished. There is always going to be someone better than you. And that’s okay. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. All you can do is focus on yourself and your journey. The only competition should be yourself, and how you can be better than you were yesterday. What can you keep doing to reach your goals? It matters what YOU are doing, not others. You only get one you, and all that matters is how you see yourself. [More…]

Alumni Spotlight – Patrik “Great Britt”

alumni spotlight

Congratulations to our newest alumni spotlight, Patrik, who graduated from the Recording & Music Technology Program and is now working as a Studio Manager, Engineer, and Producer at Jupiter Studios in St. Louis! 

Patrik’s story:

I started off as an unpaid intern and did that for exactly one month – nothing fancy, just cleaning and working on projects around the studio.  Then I got the chance to prove myself using my sales expertise.  Clients would come in and ask for a tour when I was there and the current manager would not have time, so I stepped in and would do it.  By the time the tour was over they were insisting on booking the session with me.  After a month the owner saw what an asset I was to his business and decided to promote me! [More…]

Interview Tips

interview tips

Congratulations! You landed an interview…now what? You have already made it farther than some of the other prospects. Your potential employer saw something on your resume that sparked their interest and now wants to meet you face to face. Don’t freak! Here’s how to prepare.

1.     Private Investigator

Google is about to become your new BFF. You need to find out anything and everything you can on the company that you are interviewing for. When you’re finished researching the company, you should feel like an FBI Agent because you’ll know so much. First, visit the company website. Navigate your way through the page so you are familiar with it. Figure out when the company was established and their major accomplishments. You’ll also want to know what products and services they sell or provide to the public and how many locations the company has. Next, figure out who the employees are and their job titles. Most companies have that information listed on their websites along with pictures so you can see who you might be interviewing with. No employee pictures on the website? If you know who the person you are interviewing with, look them up on LinkedIn so you know what they look like and become familiar with their professional background.  Trust me, you’re not being creepy, you are doing your research! People have social media for a reason, use it to your advantage. The interviewer will be impressed that you know about their professional past. It might spark questions for you to ask them about their professional journey and how they ended up with the company you are interviewing for.  Then start following the companies you are interviewing for on social media. You’ll want to see how the company interacts with their audience, and they might provide information not listed on their website. [More…]