Alumni Spotlight – Zandie Shields

Zandie Shields

Entertainment & Media Business Graduate Zandie Shields uses the skills and talents she acquired while at Madison Media Institute to create, build and grow her own business – ZENT!  ZENT is a brand that stands behind the progression and education of present and aspiring industry professionals through providing a presenting platform, promotional resources, marketing consultations and special project consultations.

ZENT is made of two departments: ZENT Music and ZENT Events. ZENT Music offers performance opportunities, promotional resources, marketing consultations and career planning consultations to entertainment industry professionals; current and aspiring. ZENT Events is an event planning, coordinating, promoting and staffing department. [More…]

Career Chat Fridays Update

career chat

The next MMI Career Chat Friday is set for March 6th, Building B at 1pm.  MMI Instructor Rob Howard will be in to discuss the openings at Gearbox – he has an in there so be sure to come and hear the inside scoop! There will also be time to work on resumes, cover letters and demo reels until 4pm.  Faculty and Career Services staff will be available and on hand to help!

If you missed last week’s introduction to Career Chat Fridays, click HERE!

Update from 2/27: While no employer was in to speak we still had plenty to speak about!  Attendees worked with Career Services Advisor Robert Agnew on the how and whys of researching a potential employer before you even send in your resume. If you really want to work for a specific company you need to be able to back up why – both for yourself and the employer. If you are enthusiastic about something regarding the company that will come through and will make you memorable. To know what makes you passionate about a company you have to first understand the company and that takes research.  Working for a company whose mission, vision, values and product you can get behind can make an okay job a truly memorable job. [More…]

Career Chat Fridays

career services

MMI Career Services recently implemented a new employer talk series “Career Chat Fridays”.  The first hour of Chat Time is spent with local employers currently hiring who are asked to

  • give an overview of their company
  • discuss current job openings
  • give tips & tricks regarding their hiring practices
  • answer any questions attendees may have

The second hour of Chat Time is spent with attendees actively working on resumes, cover letters and demo reels.  Both Career Services staff and various faculty members are present to provide assistance and feedback.  Some attendees even complete their applications and send them in during this time! [More…]

Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services

Career Services

MMI CAREER CONNECTIONS is the latest resource available to MMI students and graduates connecting you to businesses looking to hire MMI students and graduates!  It’s a database that will house your profile with your resume, demo reel, website links, projects, contact information and anything else you might want to share with a potential employer.  It’s your complete MMI profile ALL IN ONE SPOT! 

You can even copy and share the link with potential employers. COMING SOON! we will personalize the web links with your name for you – until then feel free to use your profile standard URL on your resume or in an introductory email to potential employers.

It’s simple and easy to use!  Go to to sign up today, start having employers view your profile tomorrow!  Feel confident that when you submit your profile at Career Connections, someone in MMI Career Services will be reviewing all your links and files to ensure they transferred properly before making your profile public. [More…]

Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services

Career Services

Special Delivery: Resumes!

Resume writing is the dread of job searching but it does not have to be. The best way to make resume writing simple is to think about your work while you are working. What challenges are you overcoming? What contributions have you provided for your company/organization? What negatives in your performance review did you turn into positives? What are some of your proudest moments? Reflect on your work performance while you are working and watch out easy it is to write and remember that relevant juicy content that next employer is looking for! [More…]

MusicMann Studios

Mike Mann

Greetings and Salutations to all you Homo sapiens who peruse the ramblings of my fingertips purposely written in the key of soul. I would like to introduce you to my good friend Mr. Mike Mann. Mike owns and operates MusicMann Studios on Chase and Oklahoma in Milwaukee, WI. Last Friday I sat down and kicked the ballistics with Mike for a couple hours on the topics of Beats, Rhymes and Life. The conversation inspired me to reach out to the planet on behalf of said summit and its findings. [More…]

Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services

Career Services Real World

Transitioning from college to the workforce is what most call going into the real world. With the real world come a few real facts. First and foremost, don’t become real stressed-out.

College students and graduates often focus on one thing and one thing only – getting a job. They sometimes then panic when their original plan falls through. The 3 facts below will help you, as a student or graduate, to make a seamless transition from college into the real world. [More…]

Alumni Spotlight – Austin Harrison

Peak 22 Marketing & Media

Congratulations to Madison Media Institute Graduate Austin Harrison! We asked him to tell us about his recent career success and to give some advice to MMI students:

Peak 22 Marketing and Media is a small startup company of only me and one other person. I do everything from videography, video editing, graphic design, etc. Basically anything/everything involved on the creative side while the person I work with handles the business side.


The Poets Laureate

Poets Laureate

Recently I had the most delightful lunch with the City of Madison’s Poets Laureate (Two People, one title). Our Poets Laureate are Sarah Busse and Wendy Vardaman. I guess one question that most people would have is what do the Poets Laureate do? As an arts commissioner for the City of Madison, I have a pretty good feel for what they do but here is what the City of Madison requests of the position.

  • Place poetry before the public in surprising places/spaces
  • Create conversation about poetry
  • Connect poets and groups of poets to each other and to other artists
  • Build bridges between people using poetry


Stop by and see us at Madison Comic Con!

Madison Comic Con

Madison Media Institute is proud to be partnering with WKOW 27 to sponsor the Wizard World Madison Comic Con! The event will take place at the Alliant Energy Center on February 6, 7 and 8.

Wizard World bills the event as a pop culture extravaganza featuring the best of movies, comics, toys, video games, TV, graphic novels, wrestling, MMA, anime and much more. Headliners include William Shatner (“Star Trek”), Brett Dalton (“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”), Emily Kinney and Josh McDermitt (“The Walking Dead’), WWE Divas The Bella Twins, Kristin Bauer (“True Blood,” “Once Upon A Time”), Eliza Dushku (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) and George Wendt (“Cheers”). Wizard World also says the event is the place for cosplay, with fans showing off their best costumes throughout the weekend. [More…]