MMI Student Jumps Aboard The Polar Express!

Polar Express

For the first time ever the Polar Express arrived in Middleton, WI and with it a seasonal job for Recording & Music Technology student Sedrick Hibbler. While the pay wasn’t awesome (somewhere slightly above minimum wage) the atmosphere was something you won’t experience anywhere else. While not a typical audio engineering position Sedrick said he couldn’t turn down the opportunity to live the holiday spirit for an entire shift at a job he has come to love!

“At the Polar Express I’m only operating an iPod and an amplifier, but I have learned so much because I am always searching for the extra tidbits of knowledge that can assist my career.”  Many times Sedrick has been called on to help “save the day” when something has gone wrong with the audio system or even just anything on the train (like missing dancing waiters – yup, you read that right!). His commitment to team excellence and flawless customer service has earned him the spot as the Head Engineer for the train in 2015 – way to go Sedrick! You know where to find your team of competent, energetic and fun engineers next year – right here at MMI! We’ll be waiting for your call! [More…]

A New Year Brings Changes at MMI

student center

Evan Weisrock

We all know the Student Center has closed. On December 17, we said goodbye to the space with a cookout that included many students as well as faculty and staff. Shout out to Evan Weisrock for braving the cold and cooking lots of burgers and hotdogs.

While the closing is sad and means we will have to say goodbye to an awesome space, with every ending comes a beginning. Let’s look forward and be optimistic about this ending and the possibilities for ourselves and our campus community. Many people have asked what will become of the furniture and equipment in the Student Center. Prior to the opening of the Center, much of the furniture and equipment was in the Break Rooms of Buildings A and B and will return there. Here is the current plan for the spaces. We welcome feedback and suggestions and remain open to change.  [More…]

What Do You Really Know When You Graduate College?

career services

Enroll. Graduate. Work.
The Real World….according to Laura anyway.

What do you really know when you graduate college?

Nothing. You know absolutely nothing.  Sure, you might know how to design a logo, wire a webpage, design or animate a character, mix a few tracks maybe even set up a home theater system but really – according to your soon to be new co-workers – you know nothing.  So get comfortable with this reality and apply for jobs anyway.

What?  Am I really saying this?  Yup, I am.  You see – while your technical skills may be awesome most new college grads have very little workplace experience and very little knowledge on how to apply those technical skills and create value in the workplace.  Having a degree and a GPA doesn’t equate to being able to produce what a client requests. [More…]

Networking and Patience: Keys to Becoming a Published Writer

With Great Power

Writing is often a thankless task.  There is a serious glut of material in an industry where e-book publishing has overtaken traditional print, and e-book publishing is dirt cheap and easy.  It is hard for any new material to get noticed.  The book industry is a market where over 2 million new books were sent into print in one form or another in the last year alone, and it’s also an industry where its main consumer base is shrinking.  More and more people give in to the ease of access to television and cinema and video games with what little time their working lives give them, so that leaves a diminishing window for indulging in a prolonged text narrative. [More…]

Madison Media Institute Alumni Winning WAVE Awards

WAVE Awards

On Thursday, November 13th at the Pyle Center, the local Madison Chapter of Media Communication Association-International gave WAVE awards for Web Audio and Visual Excellence. This chapter recognizes the best in local production of the Greater Madison area and Madison Media Institute video Alumni were a great part of the competition.

Clay Niemi

Clay Niemi

First and foremost, alum Clay Niemi won the WAVE Award for the documentary and informational category for his work on “Zero Waste Initiative”. He created this piece for American Family Insurance where he is an Audio and Visual Technician. Clay states, “It was nice to be recognized for this video that was completely owned by me from pre production with the client all the way through delivery.”


Student Budgeting 101 with Career Services

Jaimes Johnson

Career Services recently hosted a “Student Budgeting 101″ event presented by UW Credit Union’s Director of Community and Campus Relations Jaimes Johnson.

Director of Community and Campus Relations at UW Credit Union, Jaimes Johnson, presented well received information on money managing and the attitude that is required to save more than you spend! The space was intimate which was perfect for the conversational lecture style of Jaimes. If there was one earth shattering statement it was, “Don’t sacrifice what you want for what you want now.” When Jaimes said those words it was a profound stillness that sat in momentarily.   [More…]

Alumni Spotlight – Dusti Schilling

Dusti Schilling

Congratulations to Electronic & A/V Systems Graduate Dusti Schilling! We asked him to tell us about his recent career success and to give some advice to MMI students:

I began working at Best Defense Security & Fire Protection three weeks ago. We have offices in Waunakee, West Allis, Appleton, and Rockford. I work out of out West Allis location. So far I’ve installed and inspected fire & smoke detection systems, wall panels and annunciators, access control systems, CCTV & intrusion detection, and installed and programmed Mesh Network radio equipment. [More…]

Career Services Networking Event

networking event

“Networking & Pizza” was well attended last Wednesday (10/29) with a total of 48 students present. From a staff perspective, it was magnificent to see that many students interacting, conversing, and sharing future projects with one another. The structure of the event was to use the F.O.R.M. technique as a conversation starter. The F.O.R.M technique stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Message. Each individual was to share this information and retrieve it from other students with the goal of learning how to have comfortably “small talk” conversations with strangers. I enjoyed opportunity to be able to share this piece of wisdom with students knowing that some of them will use the F.O.R.M technique again and again. Also, this event put on by Career Services Department was the largest event to date in the Student Center.

-Career Advisor Robert


It IS The Shoes


Madison Media Institute PAC Member DOCTOR B DJ’s Lambeau Field Sunday Night!

You see these shoes?!?!? These shoes right here?!?! These aren’t just any shoes, these are the shoes of a Giant. These shoes belong to veteran DJ, entrepreneur and mentor, DOCTOR B. DOC is a member of the Madison Media Institute’s Recording Department Program Advisory Committee. Basically he is on a board that we have that helps us keep the program industry current.

DOC called me about 2 weeks ago in a panic and said, “I need you to go to Johnson’s Creek for me and pick up these shoes that I don’t have time to go get them and the sale ends tomorrow.” I was like what the hell dude? I look like a shoe messenger or something? Is my name Mercury and do I have wings on my Nike Air Max? No I do not, but I said ok and went and copped the kix for my bro. Little did I know they were part of a larger play. [More…]

Monster FX MakeUp with Alex Falk

monster fx makeup

Meet Alex Falk.Alex Falk

He’s a makeup artist from the Madison area who specializes in sci-fi/fantasy/horror makeup and is the driving force behind Dark Alley SPFX.

Alex started his career at a very young age by entering costumes contests, building Halloween props, and finding inspired new ways of scaring his parents.

Alex soon turned his attention to film and always wanted to work in the industry. Today his dream is fulfilling and has multiple feature length movies, short films, TV shows and music videos gracing his resume. Alex is self taught and his passion is to produce realistic and practical effects in lieu of Computer Generated Images or other incorporeal effects. [More…]