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City of Madison Bandswap

Dani Grant

Dani Grant

September 20th was a great day for musicians in Madison. This was the city’s second year participating in the event. Bandswap is organized by a company called Spokesbuzz from Fort Collins Colorado. Dani Grant is the director of the program.

Bandswap at its core is a band exchange program. Spokesbuzz has created partnerships with about eight different cities around the country and Madison happens to be one. This year Fort Collins sent us a killer band by the name of Stella Luce. In turn lol we punished them by sending them the most metal band this side of the Mississippi River, The Lords of the Trident. (The Lords pride themselves on being brutal). [More…]

Ed Hutchings Inducted into WBA Hall of Fame

Ed Hutchings

Madison Media Institute (MMI) was the proud sponsor of the cocktail hour for the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame induction at the WBA’s annual meeting in Sheboygan, WI this summer. Several members of the MMI staff and faculty attended the ceremony, in support of Ed Hutchings induction to the Hall of Fame. Ed was the proud owner of the school, The Trans American Systems, Inc, which became, years later, Madison Media Institute.


New Media Institute Tutorial Website


I’m really excited to share the launch of the Media Institute, subscribers-only, tutorial website!

This tutorial website is a great resource for someone who’s interested in any of the programs offered at the Madison or the Minneapolis campus, and is also a great starting point for someone who wants to learn a new skill from one of our amazing instructors!

Starting out we have tutorials for audio production, photo editing, ZBrush, and Blender, as well as free downloadable assets like drum sounds, web design quick sheets, and more! [More…]

Win a $25 Gas Card In Our #MMISummer Contest


Madison Media Institute and Minneapolis Media Institute are partnering for our first ever #Hashtag contest!  During July 1st thru July 7th use #MMISummer on Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Telly, YouTube, and more!

Show us your best media to be entered to win a $25 Gas Card and a Media Institute SWAG bag! Two entries will be chosen!

Winners will be selected on July 8th, 2014 and notified when their entry is shared by Madison Media Institute and Minneapolis Media Institute on Twitter and Facebook!

Enter as many times as you want by using #MMISummer on your videos and photos!  [More…]

Engineering And Recording Society Of Chicago

From Left to Right: Milano Ortiz, Simon Sosa, Daniel Szfranek, Patrick McElwee, Chris Taylor, Nick Dushack, Danny Leak, and Fran Allen-Leake

Please do not let the quality of this picture fool you. This event was one of the most beautiful and clear events that I have ever attended, and that has nothing to do with the fact that I was the designated driver. The event that I am referring to is the Engineering And Recording Society (EARS) of Chicago. Danny has been my mentor for years; one couldn’t do better than to learn from this guy who is Stevie Wonder’s Front Of House Engineer and Ramsey Lewis’ Studio Engineer. [More…]

AVID Pro Tools: How To Win Me Back

What Would Make Me Fall In Love With AVID Pro Tools Again?

Hello again!! I know it has been a while since we spoke, but life changes have prevented me from blogging for a while, when I do though, it can be a humdinger! Before I get into the meat and taters of this blog let me first say that I absolutely love the good people at AVID Pro Tools in AVID. They are really good people and work hard to, individually, help everyone that they can, out, and this is in no way a dig on them and their efforts. I am just a guy on the street who happens to see things a bit differently. I am not saying I see them right, just differently. [More…]

Neighborhood Live Kicks Off At Madison Media Institute

Entertainment and Media Business

Add some entertainment to your Lunch Breaks.

Despite the sizzling temperatures, the first Neighborhood Live Summer Series went off without a hitch!

Staff, students, and neighboring businesses came together Tuesday to enjoy lunch, ice cream, and music (provided by DJ Moses from Higher Education Records) outside on the lawn of Madison Media Institute.


MMI Major Sponsor Of MHS Film Festival


Madison Media Institute SponsorThe MHS Film Festival will take place at the Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, April 24th starting at 7 p.m. This festival is open to all students enrolled in the Dane County Schools.

Film Categories include drama, comedy, and music. Films can be up to 5 minutes long and will be judged by a panel of filmmakers in the industry including some of Madison Media Institute’s faculty.

MMI Admissions Representative and former MHS graduate, Natalie Pohorski and Francisco Torres (MMI Admissions Director), learned about the film festival after visiting the high school. MMI is excited to be a part of this great event!

Check out the great article on this event in the latest issue of Madison Life (On Page 10).

-Megan W.

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