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Madison Media Institute Sponsors Film Festival

madison media institute

Madison Media Institute sponsored the Middleton High School Film Festival that was held on April 15th and several of our instructors were on the judges panel!

Congratulations to all the winners:

Best Editing: Ali Khan Middleton High School “Sincerity”

Most Original: Greg Jorgensen Middleton High School “Dectective Biggs & The Litter-Thug”

Best Animation: Jordan Winkler & Luke Kornelsen Deerfield High “Abduction Day” [More…]

5 Reasons You’re Not Successful

5 reasons

Here are 5 reasons you’re not successful:

  1. Comparing Your Success to Others

It is SO hard not to compare yourself to others. “Why are they doing better than me?” “Why are they making more money than me?” “Why did they get that job before me?” But the fact is, you have to stop. This was a struggle for me to adjust to. I couldn’t wrap my head around why all my friends were getting jobs right after college and I wasn’t. Was there something wrong with me? What wasn’t I doing right? I was doing everything right, what I was doing wrong was comparing my journey to others. If you compare yourself to those around you, you’re never going to be satisfied with yourself or what you have accomplished. There is always going to be someone better than you. And that’s okay. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. All you can do is focus on yourself and your journey. The only competition should be yourself, and how you can be better than you were yesterday. What can you keep doing to reach your goals? It matters what YOU are doing, not others. You only get one you, and all that matters is how you see yourself. [More…]

Alumni Spotlight – Patrik “Great Britt”

alumni spotlight

Congratulations to our newest alumni spotlight, Patrik, who graduated from the Recording & Music Technology Program and is now working as a Studio Manager, Engineer, and Producer at Jupiter Studios in St. Louis! 

Patrik’s story:

I started off as an unpaid intern and did that for exactly one month – nothing fancy, just cleaning and working on projects around the studio.  Then I got the chance to prove myself using my sales expertise.  Clients would come in and ask for a tour when I was there and the current manager would not have time, so I stepped in and would do it.  By the time the tour was over they were insisting on booking the session with me.  After a month the owner saw what an asset I was to his business and decided to promote me! [More…]

Career Chat Friday – Internships


Another great Career Chat Friday was to be had last week on 4/10.  The focus of this discussion was on internships. Here’s the re-cap:

How Do You Prepare For Pursuing Internships?

  1. Create and grow your digital identity
  2. Clean up your existing digital identity
  3. Become active on the social media platforms of companies you are interested in pursuing internships with
  4. Attend networking events where current employees or decisions makers of companies you are interested in pursuing internships with will be at [More…]

Managing Excuses


Excuses, excuses, excuses…

Excuse: attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.

Or as I like to think the definition of an excuse is the polite way of saying, “I really don’t want to do this.” [More…]

Short Film “When Does Love Begin?” Selected for Magwill Film Festival in Hollywood

Magwill Film Festival

A film project headed up by Nella Citino, Chair of the Video and Film departments at Madison Media Institute was recently selected for the Magwill Film Festival in Hollywood, California.

When Love Begins“When does Love Begin?”  is a dramatic short produced and written by Nella Citino.  Most of the film was shot in the Madison area with local actors and actresses, but Magwill Film Festival recognized that the film had “something.”  As stated by the festival’s Chief Executive Officer Alex Goodeam,  “We’re trying to see the drive inside, any new ideas, fresh stories. We believe that there are many interesting ideas and new names but it’s a hard work to find them out. That is why we created this film festival and why we selected this film.“

The film’s director Francisco C. Torres maintains, “One often hears the phrase “it’s an honor to be nominated”. In an industry where you are competing with tens of thousands of great films and videos every year, that phrase rings truth.”  He continues, “ Having worked on this film with a great cast and crew, this nomination comes forth as a reward for the outstanding efforts by each one of these individuals.”

As the main focus of the festival is to find new names with potential ability to produce high level films, the selection process occurs four times per year.  There are spring, summer, fall and winter festivals.  The next one happens in the summer.

In addition to this, there are several levels in the contest aspect:  If selected, there are awards with grants. There are also awards without grants, nominees and, of course, winners.

The festival was founded by a distribution company which is also looking for new content as well.  The Magwill Film Festival is also an online theater and film market. Magwill encourages filmmaker throughout the production, selection, and distribution process.

Nella Citino

Nella Citino

Producer and writer Nella Citino states, ”I can only give credit to the people on the crew and the support I receive from my colleagues to do this type of film. The Magwill Film Festival has a different approach to the festival circuit and  I would highly encourage our students submit their work since this is the type of festival that is seeking fresh voices and fresh perspectives.  Not only that, you can win money.”


The next call for entries is for the summer festival.  Deadline is May 27th, 2015.

Visit our website for more information about the Video & Film programs at Madison Media Institute.

Career Chat Friday Updates

career services

Sorry it’s been awhile since I posted.  I was enjoying the beaches at Golf Shores, AL……along with 20 high school soccer playing girls!  All in all a great time but I missed sharing the great opportunities at the last two Career Chats.  Here’s the re-cap:

Elite ClienteleMarch 27th – MMI Alumni and part owner of Elite Clientele Divine Wilson joined us to share their business model and the contract audio position they have available.  Attendee Carl White was able to speak with Divine personally during and after the event and is now providing contract audio work for Elite Clientele!  Way to go Carl!

April 3rd – This was our first venture into field trips for Career Chats.  A small group of 3 students plus Robert headed out to Segredo’s for what was supposed to be a back stage tour of the venue.  Unfortunately, the tour never happened.  However, knowing that MC Audio was just around the corner the group headed off to see if MMI MCAudioinstructor Wyatt Agard was in – and he was!  The group was able to try out equipment, ask questions and – each were offered the opportunity for an internship on the spot.  WAY TO GO TEAM!  A second group of 20 drove off to Raven Software and their First Fridays event.  There they heard all about the different positions that Raven hired for, how to submit a great application package and, as an added bonus, were able to tour the Mo Cap room there!  AWESOME opportunity!

Way to go to all our travelers!  We hope that you enjoyed your adventures!

Join us this Friday 4/10 for the next MMI Career Chat!

Career Chat Friday continues to be a hit amongst student and graduates alike!  This week join Career Services to talk and be partnered with available internships.  From finding out what internships are currently available to MMI students to how to partner with Career Services to create your own Friday is the day to make it happen!  Come prepared to find answers to your questions about:

  • The top 10 questions to ask yourself before taking an internship
  • How to find an internship
  • Internships after graduation
  • Resources for finding internships

Program specific internship information will be provided!  We look forward to seeing you there!

Visit our website for more information on the programs offered at Madison Media Institute

Alumni Spotlight – Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

Congratulations to Digital Art & Design Graduate Eric Anderson! Eric is working as a Media Developer, doing graphic design and web development for Mandli Communications. We asked him to tell us about his recent career success and to give some advice to current MMI students:

In my second semester at MMI I was asked through Career Services if I was interested in offering some web development help to a local company, Mandli Communications. I completed a small web development project for Mandli and they brought me on as an intern doing front-end development, converting Photoshop documents into usable web code. I worked as an intern under the Marketing Director and another designer for about year and was eventually brought on full-time in 2012. Throughout this process I learned to never sell yourself short. When you have a good idea or something new to contribute, let your peers, supervisor, or coworkers know about it. I would also recommend that you rarely say that you can’t do something, especially in the beginning of your internship or employment. If you are asked to develop or design something that you have limited experience with, take the time to learn something new.Mandli Communications [More…]

Career Chat Friday – Elite Clientele

Elite Clientele

The next MMI Career Chat Friday is set for March 27th, Building B at 1pmElite Clientele, an MMI graduate owned production company,  will be here to discuss their current opening for audio engineer.  They also contract work with videographers, editors, and graphic and web designers.  Co-owner Divine Wilson will be here to chat with us!

Majic ProductionsUpdate from 3/20/15:  Steve Troxell, General Manager at Majic Productions and MMI graduate, was in to chat with us.  He informed us the Majic is always hiring if the right person comes along. They are a live audio and visual company and hire both full and part time – right now! Based out of Milwaukee they service most of South Central WI and a little into IL but have traveled as far as Las Vegas!  Most of their business is corporate but they do get some music venue business from time to time. [More…]

Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services – Resumes!

career services

Special Delivery: Resumes (Part 2)

Confidence will carry you!
Confidence or self-assurance in the application and interview process starts with having a well-crafted résumé. Your goal should not be limited to having the best looking résumé but should also aim towards writing a résumé that emphasizes your valuableness and achievements. Your belief in your ability to perform a job is a key intangible that you must convey to prospective employers.

How to Convey Your Confidence in Your Resume?
First, provide persuasive information, versus generic information, when writing your résumé. Most résumés provide only generic information such as the verbatim re-statement of current or former job descriptions. These types of descriptions lack the details of how your work on X led to Y and how this resulted in a successful outcome for your company or organization. [More…]