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EMB Media Minute

This weeks topic: Using social media shares and hashtags as currency!


-Mike B.

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Perfecting Design

How the Automatic Binding Brick Became a Global Phenomenon

You won’t see it at the Oscars, not this year at least, but the breakout success of early 2014 is The Lego Movie, “the greatest movie ever assembled”.  A joint production of the Lego Group and Warner Brothers, the movie grossed more than $140 million in its first two weeks of release, and with production costs of under $70 million and extremely strong global prospects, it looks set to become a titanic success. Not bad for a company founded by a Danish carpenter in 1932. [More…]

Final Cut Pro 7 – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

It has been about three years since Apple pulled the plug on Final Cut Pro 7. At the time, Final Cut was the industry leader, used in Hollywood on movies like “Cold Mountain,”  “True Grit,”  “The Social Network,” “No Country for Old Men” and thousands of others. I spent countless hours editing in Final Cut, and I took multiple tests to become a certified Final Cut Pro trainer.

I knew keyboard shortcuts and could fly through its features. At MMI, we were early adopters of Final Cut Pro 7. I had written an entire course based on teaching students how to edit with it. But then my world changed. [More…]

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone With Independent Movies

One of my favorite films of the last few years was a little 2011 direct-to-video gem called Red State. Telling a dark, horrible tale of a religious cult-turned-serial killers, this movie is possibly the most terrifying film I’ve seen in years. I think the thing that scares me most about it is the sheer possibility of it. Keep your hockey-masked maniacs and special-effects spectres, an out-of-control preacher and his gun-wielding family are far more real and possible than any demon, spook, or lake monster Hollywood could create. The thing I would like to discuss about this film, though, is the idea of challenging yourself. [More…]

Audio Video Systems In An IT World

Audio Video

Even as recently as a few years ago I was telling people, really anyone who would listen, that Audio Video hardware manufacturers should be including networking capabilities integrated into their equipment. Computer companies potentially could take over a good portion of the audio video market. Well, that is happening with the current generation of hardware. We see computers and portable devices such as Ipads, Smart Phones, and tablets taking a prominent role in audio and video. So what is the point of all of this? [More…]

Hi-Fi “Auratone” Studio Monitor Project


How to build a hi-fi version of the Auratone

A piece of equipment that used to be seen in nearly every studio but that I almost never seem to see today is the Auratone cube. Auratones (sometimes referred to as “horrortones”) were really useful as a reference for what your mix would sound like on small, low-fi speakers – no low end to speak of, not much in the high frequencies, and lots of midrange coming out of a single driver. If your mix sounded good on Auratones, the thinking went, you were probably doing something right.

A few years ago, I learned that single driver speakers have something of a cult following among audiophiles, and that some very high-end full range drivers are available. [More…]