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Push Pull Pedal fundraiser

Push Pull Pedal Photograph

On Saturday, June 9th, Children’s Hospital held its annual Push Pull Pedal fundraiser in support of the Herma Heart Center, and for the third year in a row MMI was invited to provide coverage of the event.

Milwaukee’s Herma Heart Center fixes little hearts, using surgical intervention to correct congenital problems in babies and young children. The best evidence of their success is the boisterous group of red-shirted “Herma Heart Heroes” seen in the photograph, all survivors of open-heart surgery, and all ready to ride, along with their friends, siblings and parents, in a sponsored circuit of Winnequah Park. Strollers, little red wagons and inline skates are all permitted, as the event name implies, but the short of choice is the bicycle, with or without basket, tassels and training wheels. The best sight of the day was the two little girls, no more than four years old, zooming down the slight hill on the north side of the park, escorted by a police car and trailed, about fifty yards back, by a breathless father; “they just got away from me,” he gasped.
Push Pull Pedal Photograph
DAD chair Tim Mickleburgh did the still photography; VMG chair Nella Citino made the video . MMI students have also provided graphic and motion graphic designs to help promote the event.

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Minneapolis hosted their first “Movies in the park….ing lot Saturday!  About 50 people from the community came to watch The Sand Lot and Goonies out in the yard. Pop corn was popped, soda was served.  A good time was had by all!


Madison is sponsoring some great shows, check this out!
Here’s a list of some upcoming concerts we’re sponsoring…

7/14       Big K.R.I.T. @ The Barrymore Theater
7/23       Skeletonwitch @ High Noon Saloon
7/25       Best Coast @ Majestic Theater
7/27       Aesop Rock @ The Barrymore Theater
7/28       WJJO Band Camp, featuring Korn, Hurt, Taproot and more… (Band Camp website)

I know you are all doing great stuff!  Please remember to send.  And to those of you that consistently contribute. THANKS!!!!

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Apple reportedly buys Italian company Redmatica

The Italian company Redmatica has reportedly been bought by Apple. This news is still developing however recent articles on  and the announcement on the Redmatica site all point to the fact that this in fact is true.
Redmatica is a company that specializes in Sampling and “keymapping” samples inside DAW programs. It works quite well with Apple Logic pro, running alongside the EXS-24 sampler in LOGIC.
More info here:

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Students Nic Boos,  Max Koehler, Justin Faretta,  Nick Stelloh, Collin Schroeder, Jim Thao,  and Austin Thumser have won a TELLY AWARD for the educational  video “Cyber Safety: Social Networking”  for the local nonprofit organization  The Madison Area Council on Cyber Safety for Children.


Brittany Frazier is our second graduate to be working in Activision as a QA Tester. She begins later this month. Graduate Christopher Jaeger is has already started working with Activision and is really enjoying the opportunity to learn more about the company and the way they do business


Minneapolis students are participating in the 48 film festival this weekend.  Here is the invite!

Hey guys! The 48 Hour Film Project is tomorrow and I just have one more thing to add. Not only is it really fun to stay up for two days and watch your friends, faculty and classmates get a little ridiculous from sleep deprivation, but you will learn and do A LOT. It’s fortuitous that the 48 HFP is in the first week of the semester because we will take this video with graphics and audio from beginning to end in one weekend and in the past students really benefitted from tackling that early on. If you can do the 48 HFP you can do anything!


It is with great dismay that I announce that Inger is leaving Madison Media Institute.  She has take a position at a local marketing and publishing company working in a field that is more aligned with her training and career aspirations.

Inger has spent the last two years working hard in making the purchasing area more organized and robust and has been instrumental in helping the organization save  money by identifying more cost effective vendors.  She will be greatly missed and hard to replace.

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Today MMI Mpls had the owners of myMix personal monitoring systems in to explain their product that they have graciously supplied for our students to use!


Sometimes it is all fun and games. EAV as part of its Networking class has a LAN Party gaming session. The students setup and configure the network. Tim Briggs from the Edgewood College IT Department was the guest speaker for the day and talked about many IT related facets of residential gaming.


MMI Mpls has secured a partnership with Steven Slate Audio.  Slate has been a leader in plug ins for DAW’s, and will be a welcome addition to our ever growing list of partners at MMI Mpls.


A cool event in Madison!


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Pamela McNeil, Minneapolis faculty, has officially joined the Nashville Songwriters International.  Pamela has been writing in Nashville more and more.


Recently, Will Nimmow, met with Joe Frontier, who is the head of the Video Department at James Madison Memorial High School, here in Madison. We spoke about his program and what he is doing and where he wants to take it. He gave him some equipment purchase suggestions, including production equipment and software. I also, spoke with him about the workshop we are having this weekend with Heather Yonker “Play like a Girl”

He plans to follow up with him in the coming weeks and schedule a time to speak to his class.


Thanks goes out to Nancy Stillwell for this grad’s new position.

Quote from Bill Sherry.

“I have been hired at Zimbrich Mini in Madison as the internet media uploader. I get to take photos and videos, edit them and upload to their website and youtube page. guess the editing class did come in handy.” Bill is a 2012 February MST/EAV graduate. Bill’s education helped him in a way he probably never realized that it would.


Minneapolis is offering 3 free seminars to our current students, grads and perspective students; free of charge for 15 weeks.  We have had great response and everyone is learning a lot from these experts.  Thanks Paul P for putting this together!

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After a brief hiatus for student/faculty break, its back!  Please send me all your cool stuff to share with the world!


Minneapolis Department Chairs decided to create an “Information Station” in order to better meet the needs of the students.  Tables and computers for GAM and REC have been added to the record lounge and faculty hold their office hours there.  They are visible and ready to help any student.  Its day 2 and they have already had a ton of activity!


Drake Dahm is a future start for this Fall in our Game Art and Animation program in Madison.  He did this for his Art Class in high school and sent me this photo of what he was working on.  The excitement is out there yeah.


Madison and Minneapolis both received visits for the SSL Truck.  SO cool!  Madison enjoyed it last week and Minneapolis enjoyed it last night.  All the new and current students were very impressed!

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Is Minnesota’s “Rawkzilla Battle of the Bands” valid?

by Paul Peterson

Say what you want about Battle of the Band competitions, but they aren’t going anywhere.

Battle of the Bands has been around for as long as I have been in this game, and then some.  Its original intention was to develop some healthy competition between bands. The real question now is, does a battle of the bands serve a purpose?

Let’s look at how it’s been repackaged in the last 10 years, and then you’ll find how valid it really is.

When I was coming up, “Battle of the Bands” was repackaged as “Star Search.” Today, we have “American Idol, The Voice, Duets,” and probably 10 others glorified battle of the bands in development.  That’s on the larger scale, but what about locally?

Unfortunately, some of these competitions prey on the naiveté of these young bands, but I have seen one competition in the Mpls/St Paul area stand out and deliver everything “as advertised.”  That is Rawkzilla’s Battle of the Bands, which is going on right now.

David Hitchcock took on the daunting task 3 years ago to do a “proper” battle, priding himself on the integrity of the competition, and surrounding himself with sponsors who believed in the idea.   After careful calculation, he learned he made a whopping 26 cents an hour, followed by 61 cents an hour last year. “It’s all about doing this the right way” Dave said.  His rewards are about to come.

Because he has done this the “right way,” he is on his 3rd year, and the contest has gained in popularity, and exposure.  He is launching a nation wide battle, renamed “American Battle,” along with filming a full on reality television pilot this January. Unlike “Idol” and all of the other reality shows, he is NOT demanding an exclusive contract. They will offer the top placing bands artist/management deals, but they are under no obligation.

I have personally judged the finals for the last 2 years, and I am always amazed at the talent, dedication, and turn out.

Rawkzilla Battle of the Bands certainly serves a purpose in the local music community. MMI is proud to be a sponsor of this competition for the 3rd straight year.  We recently had the Atlantis Theorem, aka Breaking Day in Studio A for 4 days with MMI graduate Ray Clark at the board.