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Alumni Spotlight – Dom Spallino

Dom Spallino

Congratulations to Dom Spallino, our latest Alumni Spotlight! Dom graduated from the Animation & Game Design program in 2014, and currently works as a Software Tester/Engineer at Starkey Hearing Technology. His duties include testing, programing and branding hearing aids, as well as installing and testing software.

Dom said the terminology he learned at MMI is crucial to preparing for a career at a gaming company. He mentioned that he especially valued that his instructors helped him through the stress of school by not overloading him with assignments, and providing one on one assistance during class.


New in the Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center

There are a lot of new learning materials in the Learning Resource Center this week!

Digital Photo


Digital Photo
In the Annual How To Special issue of Digital Photo,  the publication shares more than 50 tips specific to shooting your best portraits, exploring fall colors, multi-shot noise reduction, balanced illumination, shutter speed and ambient light, and tools and techniques to compose and trigger your camera from a distance.    [More…]

New in the Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) at MMI serves the information needs of students as they pursue their studies and prepare themselves for employment in the real-world.  The LRC provides a robust collection of learning materials for all of MMI’s students, as well as learning support services such as writing center support, reference and research services, career planning, and resource circulation. [More…]

Intro to Character Design – Summer Workshop at MMI

Jeff Butler

Do you enjoy doodling little fuzzy creatures? Are you serious about drawing characters? Whether you’re a student enrolled in a program at MMI, or someone who is just interested in the subject of character design, you might enjoy the weekly adventure we’re embarking on this summer at Madison Media Institute. Join us for what promises to be a fun and informative workshop entitled, Intro to Character Design.

My name is Jeff Butler. I’m an instructor in the Game Art and Animation Program at MMI and I’ll be teaching the Intro to Character Design workshop. I’ve been a professional illustrator for over 30 years. During that time, I’ve illustrated book covers, comic books and many toy and game projects. I spent 5 years as an illustrator in the world famous art department of TSR, Inc. (the original makers of Dungeons&Dragons.) I also worked for 13 years as a video game character and concept artist at Raven Software. Over my career, I’ve been fortunate to do a lot of character art and design. I hope you’ll join me for our summer character workshop! Let me take a moment to tell you more about the class.


All The World’s A Stage

Madison Media Institute

A day at the American Players Theatre

The sheer volume of the digital universe (IBM estimates that we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day) can sometimes seem to drown out everything that came before. Comic books were just ideas for animations, painting was an imperfect form of photography, theater was how they did films before we had film. But it is a mistake to focus only on what is different about modern media. All of them, animation, photography and film, are built upon systems of understanding, or codes, that have been cultivated over hundreds of years. This is nowhere more clearly seen than with theater, as we found out during a day of Shakespeare at the American Players Theatre. [More…]

Small Town To Very Big City

3D Animation

How April Makes The Dreamworks Flow

April Struebing Lawrence grew up in Brillion, Wisconsin, and she never thought that some day she would be working for one of the biggest animations houses in the world where she works in 3D.  And she gets to lend her voice to some of the animations she works with.  Dream job?  Yes, at Dreamworks. [More…]

All Around Madtown

Live Action Comic Books are coming to Madison!

This Saturday enjoy two showings of the Intergalactic Nemesis, the worlds only live action graphic novel. Audience members will enjoy comic-book art slides, live sound artists, and an array of voice actors.

What to expect at a live action comic? A one of a kind theatrical experience that combines comic books and radio drama.

Enjoy this unique performance Saturday at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.

For tickets, please visit the Overture Center website:

-Megan W.

Find out how you can create your own comic characters at  Madison Media Institue!