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All The World’s A Stage

Madison Media Institute

A day at the American Players Theatre

The sheer volume of the digital universe (IBM estimates that we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day) can sometimes seem to drown out everything that came before. Comic books were just ideas for animations, painting was an imperfect form of photography, theater was how they did films before we had film. But it is a mistake to focus only on what is different about modern media. All of them, animation, photography and film, are built upon systems of understanding, or codes, that have been cultivated over hundreds of years. This is nowhere more clearly seen than with theater, as we found out during a day of Shakespeare at the American Players Theatre. [More…]

All Around Madtown

Live Action Comic Books are coming to Madison!

This Saturday enjoy two showings of the Intergalactic Nemesis, the worlds only live action graphic novel. Audience members will enjoy comic-book art slides, live sound artists, and an array of voice actors.

What to expect at a live action comic? A one of a kind theatrical experience that combines comic books and radio drama.

Enjoy this unique performance Saturday at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.

For tickets, please visit the Overture Center website:

-Megan W.

Find out how you can create your own comic characters at  Madison Media Institue!