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MusicMann Studios

Mike Mann

Greetings and Salutations to all you Homo sapiens who peruse the ramblings of my fingertips purposely written in the key of soul. I would like to introduce you to my good friend Mr. Mike Mann. Mike owns and operates MusicMann Studios on Chase and Oklahoma in Milwaukee, WI. Last Friday I sat down and kicked the ballistics with Mike for a couple hours on the topics of Beats, Rhymes and Life. The conversation inspired me to reach out to the planet on behalf of said summit and its findings. [More…]

The Poets Laureate

Poets Laureate

Recently I had the most delightful lunch with the City of Madison’s Poets Laureate (Two People, one title). Our Poets Laureate are Sarah Busse and Wendy Vardaman. I guess one question that most people would have is what do the Poets Laureate do? As an arts commissioner for the City of Madison, I have a pretty good feel for what they do but here is what the City of Madison requests of the position.

  • Place poetry before the public in surprising places/spaces
  • Create conversation about poetry
  • Connect poets and groups of poets to each other and to other artists
  • Build bridges between people using poetry


Championship Awards Delivers THE MIC


I want to send a big thank you to Dan Jaworski (pictured) and Samantha Kubly (previous blog) from Championship Awards for their help with “Protect THE MIC”. I called Samantha one afternoon a week ago and expressed a need for help. I shared the plight of Hip-Hop in Madison with her and our need for the city to organize our efforts to promote the equity of the urban arts.

Samantha as it turns out was very aware of the fact that Hip-Hop has been stifled in Madison, WI because her brother is a performer and he also has no place to perform. This sadly has been the plight of singers and rappers all over the City of Madison. [More…]

This is THE MIC

Chris Taylor and THE MIC

This is THE MIC. You see, this isn’t just any mic, it is THE MIC. This is the tie that binds, the straw that stirs the drink, the color in your Kool-Aid if you will.

Hip-Hop in Madison, WI hasn’t gotten a fair shake. Now I’m not placing blame or pointing my finger at officials or promoters or club owners and saying that this is your fault. I am going to take the thumb from the hand that points and recognize that thumb is pointing back at me. I am to blame for Hip-Hop not getting a fair shake in Madison, just as much as anyone else is.


A Day in Wisconsin’s History

public address system

This is a cool picture isn’t it? What’s going on here? This is a day in history in Wisconsin. The date on this picture is Friday, June 6. This location is the Wisconsin State Capital Building. The topic? The state ban on gay marriage was just overturned by Federal Judge Barbara Crabs. Right same thing that I would be thinking, “What does this have to do with Madison Media Institute?” To answer that we have to go back in time a day.

The morning before this I was at public radio WORT 88.9 FM in Madison promoting the school and the work I am doing with the Madison Arts Commission and the City of Madison Arts Administrator Karin Wolf talked to me about a ruling that might be coming through from a judge on an important topic. She asked me if I could assist her with sound. We are friends so I usually don’t question when she needs something and do what I can to help her out. She didn’t think it would be this week and asked if I could be on standby. No Problemo!!


AVID Pro Tools: How To Win Me Back

What Would Make Me Fall In Love With AVID Pro Tools Again?

Hello again!! I know it has been a while since we spoke, but life changes have prevented me from blogging for a while, when I do though, it can be a humdinger! Before I get into the meat and taters of this blog let me first say that I absolutely love the good people at AVID Pro Tools in AVID. They are really good people and work hard to, individually, help everyone that they can, out, and this is in no way a dig on them and their efforts. I am just a guy on the street who happens to see things a bit differently. I am not saying I see them right, just differently. [More…]

CT’s Insane Ramblings

Choose one, you can have bad breath, be funky, or have stinky feet? You have to choose one and why?

I choose feet, because I can keep my shoes on LOL.

Leave your choice below.

-Chris T.


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Great Advice From Your Very Own CT- 3

MMI Chris Taylor

The Passion of the Buttons

Where does that leave us today? Well anyone who has been following me knows that I am on protein shakes twice a day now. They are tasty, but when they wear off, the hunger strikes like a muther brother. I mean, think of a vampire who has been imprisoned for hundreds of years, emaciated due to the lack of plasma, comatose, pale, frail and weakened to the point of death. That is what I felt like yesterday, and it sucked let me tell you.

MMI Chris Taylor

I was clawing at the strings of my intestinal fortitude, wrestling with my subconscious about taking a trip to Subway (cause if I am going to fall off I can at least join Jared right?) or going to steak escape to sink my teeth into a double meat triple cheese sub with delicious fries. I fought those urges and I went home and ate a chicken breast that I had left over from the night before. Then I got into a handful of sour cream and onion fries. Oh man those were soooo what I needed.

I was able to keep it cool after that, and I went and mixed a new song for my album that I am working on titled “Hoodstock: A Summer Of Thugs”. The entire time I mixed I was thinking about how damn good those chips were, then someone called me that was dropping a binder of some info to me that I needed to run outside and grab.

When I got outside, she looked at me and said “Oh my god, you just keep losing weight”. I said, “it doesn’t feel like it, matter of fact today has been rather rough.” She ignored me and called me an inspiration. That felt good because if I can inspire other people to get healthy (especially recording engineers), then I am doing the world a good service.

I walked the straight and narrow for the rest of the night and woke up this morning recharged and ready to knock back another protein shake. When I grabbed a shirt to put on though, I hadn’t realized that the shirt that I selected was way to tight to wear the last time I tried to put it on.

The buttons used to look like people trying to escape from a towering inferno, hanging outside of the building from their fingertips hanging on for dear life, caught in a tug of war between fabric and girth. I actually remember putting this shirt on and taking it right back off because it just wasn’t working for me.

Today, this shirt is loose and the buttons have found peace. For evidence, I took a picture of me clutching how much space I have actually gotten back out of the stomach.

In closing, I am using you all and this blog as my support system. My stomach is growling while I am writing this post but at least having someone to talk to about it makes it a little easier. While I am at it, you will never in your f-n life see more free food at your job than when you are on a damn diet.

Don’t forget me if I fail, I won’t forget you when I succeed.

-Chris “Godxilla” Taylor

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Great Advice From Your Very Own CT

As an engineer it’s easy for me to sit here and just make records, never giving my health an overall look because the business is always churning. So I’m on this new diet and let me tell you. Glory brand pinto beans in the can are unequivocally the shiznit!

Madison Media Institute

More on this later.