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Every Day


Paul Peterson will be traveling to Las Vegas to do a recording session and also perform with his brother Ricky at the Palms with Sante Fe and the Fat City Horns on Monday night.


Sometimes it is all fun and games. EAV as part of its Networking class has a LAN Party gaming session. The students setup and configure the network. Tim Briggs from the Edgewood College IT Department was the guest speaker for the day and talks about many IT related facets of the residential gaming.


Hey all – below is info on the 3 ongoing Seminars we will have next semester.

These seminars are FREE, but they must sign up by emailing Katie Theiler at ktheiler@mediainstitute.edu.

Here they are, and stress that they are open to ALL levels, both REC and GAM!

Tim Andersen (Snoop Dog, Peter Himmelman, Ice T, Tupac Shakur ) “The Art of Mixing”
Every Tuesday in Studio C from 10-12

Eddie Ciletti  (Mix Magazine, The Record Plant) “Eddie’s Analog Class”
Every Wednesday from 2-4 in room 304 and the new “Studio of Misfit Toys.”

Greg Huber – First Avenue’s Front of House Mixer for 33 Years “Live Sound”
Every Friday from 10-12 in Performance A

Again all seminars are FREE!


One of our REC graduates, Robert Halstead is in Florida right now recording a new album with the band ‘Against Me.’  The band came to Madison in Feb. 2011 to make an EP at Smart Studios (owned by Butch Vig) where Robert was an assistant engineer.  A few weeks ago they reached out to Robert and flew him to St. Augustine, FL to help record their next album before they go on tour with ‘The Cult.’  Very cool for Robert who also worked as a T.A. at MMI a year ago.

We make things happen EVERY DAY!