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Every Day


On Friday May 11th, the EAV department instructors and several students visited an AV design-build integrator firm in the Chicagoland area.  The students got an up close and intimate tour of the technical and business side of the facility and the interaction with the technology on hand was exciting for everyone!  The students also had quite a time networking and forming relationships with professionals in the industry.


Minneapolis student Starr Sirrah volunteered his time to do the audio for the Northeast YMCA Elders Circle.  MMI has partnered with the Y to help kids that write songs be recorded for the elders in the community.  Paul Peterson and his Mom also participate!


I thought the Play Like A Girl event was awesome. Being a girl in the industry, feeling like the minority, and then being given the opportunity to show a younger generation of girls that WE can do this, was exciting, and refreshing. The day itself went smoothly,  I think all involved enjoyed themselves. I hope that everyone took away the same amount of inspiration and motivation as myself, which was invigorating, because I needed that extra drive for these last couple of weeks.

If I’m not working, I’m here at school, hammering out projects, finding and booking time for bands to come in, or even just helping other students if they’re having trouble with something. MMI is definitely a place where I thrive the most, and I can’t thank everyone enough who has helped me through my journey so far.

As for the video for graduation, we’ve recorded some of the song, and I’ll hopefully be able to present the idea to everyone on Tuesday, after our final for History of Contemporary Music. We’re going to try to finish up vocals and overdubs Tuesday night, but for now, all of our final projects and presentations have taken precedence.

As a personal thank you from me, you’ve been supportive and inspiring, and I can’t express enough how helpful everyone at MMI has been.

Thank you, for everything!

Victoria Girot
Recording Department Production Assistant


MMI is sponsoring STAR PARTY Thursday night at  the MYTH.  WE have some tickets to still give away if you want to recommend some amazing student!  We also need a few students to work the event.  Please let JD who you think would work best.

We make things happen EVERY DAY!