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Earn an Audio & Recording Arts Degree, Join the Music Industry, and Learn How to Open a Music Venue.

We all have a soundtrack; it gets us through the day, helps us relax, or ignites energy. Films, video games, news rooms, nightclubs, and concert venues, are just some of the areas audio is present. Audio Engineers are responsible for creating these echoic backdrops and then seamlessly projecting them. Students of the Minneapolis Media Institute Audio and Recording Arts program develop the skills needed to become a successful audio engineer.

Audio & Recording Arts Department Reel

Becoming a Skilled Audio Engineer

Associate of Occupational Studies

60 weeks

Minneapolis Media Institute’s Audio and Recording Arts program is an intensive, 60–week program that prepares graduates for careers in the audio industry.

Students are taught all aspects of audio production:

  • Recording
  • Mixing and editing
  • Postproduction
  • Live sound
  • DJ’ing
  • Communication skills
  • Basic entertainment law
  • Career management

Over the course of their education, students have the opportunity to learn from award–winning audio industry professionals. Graduates of the program leave with a portfolio or “demo reel” of their best work and experience networking with industry contacts.

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Innovative Training in a Hands–on Environment

We provide training in both digital and analog recording/production, because a versatile and employable audio engineer is well versed in both.

Our campus is located in the former recording studio, where more than a hundred gold records were produced, by artists such as Michael and Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and Sting. With iconic studios as classrooms, students gain experience working in a professional music production environment.

During the program, students may obtain certification in both Apple LOGIC® and Avid Pro Tools® operation. By graduation, they’re ready to create, engineer, mix, and produce sound for musicians, TV shows, video games, movies, concerts, and more.

Program Components:

  • Audio Production. Audio production is all about creating, capturing and manipulating audio for media in a controlled studio environment. This includes records, radio, television, games, and movies, just to name a few.
  • Live Sound. Live sound is much like audio production, except in an uncontrolled environment. Live Sound Engineers only have one shot to manipulate the audio before it reaches the audience, so it’s all about preparation, team communication, and making good sonic decisions on the fly. Our students are taught to use analog and digital boards, front–of–house mixing, and how to properly set up monitors or a PA for multiple situations.
  • Post Production. We teach the fundamentals of postproduction as it applies to TV, movies, video, and radio. Students learn about creating and manipulating sound and sound effects (known as sound design), music placement, voice–overs, ADR (automatic dialogue replacement) and session management. They also learn to deliver audio up to broadcast standards.
  • “DJ” or Disc Jockey. Disc jockeys for corporate events and parties are in constant demand. We teach the fundamentals of tempo matching, key signature matching, and common work flow techniques using Ableton Live®.
Get hands on training in the Audio and Recording Arts degree program

Career Opportunities in the Audio and Recording Arts

Individuals with Audio and Recording Arts training may work in recording studios, post production houses, live sound, pro audio equipment companies, music software companies, media and music production companies, and more. They can hold a variety of titles, including:

  • Audio Assistant Engineer
  • Studio Technician
  • Sound Designer
  • Live Sound Engineer
  • Music Producer
  • Record Producer
  • Studio Manager
  • Post Production Engineer
  • Disc Jockey (DJ)
  • Event Production
  • Sound Effect Technician
  • Road Crew
  • Business owner/entrepreneur in a music–related field

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Bands Wanted

Our Media Institute campuses house some of the largest recording and music production facilities in the area, but we are a college, as opposed to a commercial recording studio. We provide studio time to musicians who wish to participate in recording labs with our students. We are looking for anyone interested, whether you're a solo artist just starting or a seasoned touring pro. We provide a number of different options, from a simple session resulting in a rough demo, to a full-on album project. We have 24 track analog and digital recording in our studios.

Anyone interested please contact us now with the following info:

  • Group or artist name
  • Group lineup (members & instruments)
  • Musical style
  • Band history including performance experience, plus upcoming show dates and locations, if applicable
  • Contact information

For Minneapolis Studio Time contact:

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