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Earn Your Game Art & Animation Degree in an Interactive Environment

Playing games and making them are two entirely different things. This program requires work, but if you put in the time, you will succeed.

In the Game Art & Animation industry your imagination is the only thing that limits you. Bring your dreams to life through 3D hard surface modeling, 3D animation, character design or motion capture and level design.

Learn Game Animation in Our Motion Capture Studio, It's One of Only a Handful in the State

The Game Art & Animation program features hands on experience with a professional grade Motion Capture Studio, giving students first hand working knowledge with the tools and equipment most sought after in the industry. The MOCAP system is equipped with 18 Eagle digital cameras from Motion Analysis, Quad Trussing from Global Trussing, and an Intel Zenon Quad core HP Z400 with an NVidia Quadro FX1800 graphics card. The classroom boasts dual Acer 22" monitors, dual 1080p projectors, all running on the same Z400 PC's.

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Becoming a Skilled Game Artist, Game Designer and Animation Professional

Associate of Arts Degree

75 weeks

All of our instructors have been forged from the industries they now teach about. Graduates of this program can enter the professional world with confidence after being taught by industry professionals in the skills it takes to succeed in the real world.

As a student in this program, you'll learn a wide range of important skills, including:

  • Hard Surface Modeling & Texturing
  • Designing & Creating 3D Characters
  • Game Engine Integration
  • Rigging & Scripting
  • 3D Character Animation
  • VFX
  • Motion Capture Animation
  • Lighting & Rendering
  • Level Design
  • Hand Drawn Animation
  • Key Frame Animation

By studying how things move, video recording performances or capturing them using Motion Capture equipment, animators bring their digital characters to life. That process includes a bit of acting and directing which our instructors will also train you on.

Successful graduates are prepared to enter the game industry with a complete portfolio of their work which will be represented by their demo reel.

Get hands on training in the Game Art and Animation degree program

Training on Industry Standard Software & Equipment

The Game Art & Animation industry is always growing and progressing. That's why the staff at Madison Media Institute stays current on software, so you know you're getting relevant skills needed in today's modern game industry.

As a Game Art & Animation student at Madison Media Institute, you'll work with the latest generation of video game development software including:

  • Cortex®
  • Solver 2.2®
  • ZBrush®
  • UDK Engine
  • Unity Engine
  • nDo2
  • Adobe® Creative Suite Master Collection
  • Autodesk® suite which includes Maya®, Mud Box®, Motionbuilder®, and 3ds Max®

Plus — you'll also receive your own Wacom® Intuos drawing tablet.

Career Opportunities for Qualified Game Art & Animation Graduates

Game Art & Animation professionals may pursue a variety of interesting professional positions within their field, including:

  • Character Animator
  • Motion Capture Animator
  • Technical Artist
  • Level Designer
  • VFX Artist
  • Lighting
  • Texture Artist
  • Character Modeler
  • Environment Modeler
  • Hard Surface Modeler

These positions are typically found in game production studios, visual effects & animation houses, television production studios, marketing firms and computer animation studios. The medical industry also has a need for Game Art & Animation graduates, to train and market the latest technological advances in medicine.

Get started on a career path you're passionate about with a degree in Game Art & Animation…Sign up today!

Meet Our Featured Instructors

Bobby Duncanson

Program Chair

Bobby Duncanson has an Associates of Arts degree in art from Broward Community College and a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Graphic Art & Animation from Marycrest University.

As a modeler and senior animator at Raven Software from March 1997 to Sept. 2009, Bobby's production and motion capture credits include: Take No Prisoners, Hexen II: Portal of Praevus, Heretic II games, Soldier of Fortune, Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force, Star Wars - Jedi Knight II, Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, X-Men Legends, Soldier of Fortune II, X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, X-Men, X-Men 2, MUA, Quake IV, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Singularity.

Bobby's expertise in motion capture enabled him to design Raven Software's and Madison Media Institute's motion capture space which contains an 18 Eagle camera system. He has extensive knowledge of Cortex and Cortex 2 tracking software, Sky scripting, Solver 2.2, Calcium, 3D Max, Maya, & Motion Builder.

Madison Media Institute featured instructor Bobby Duncanson


Adam Mann

Adam is a hard surface modeler and texture artist specializing in 3DS Max. He got his start in the game industry as part of the online modding community in the late 90's, creating multiplayer maps for the game Counter-Strike. In addition to teaching at MMI he currently does freelance modeling in the game industry as well as for medical, advertising, and tabletop miniatures games.

Madison Media Institute featured instructor Adam Mann


Justin Weingartner

Justin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Animation from Full Sail University, and has worked as an artist in the video game industry for 8 years. He has worked on games for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Playstation Portable, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PC, iOS, and Android. Specializing in modeling, lighting, and rendering, he now works as a freelance artist for various studios around the country. His work can be seen not only in video games, but also in the fields of sports simulation, mechanical design, and tabletop miniature games.

Some of his credits include environment work for G.I. Joe, Green Lantern, and Justice League.

Madison Media Institute featured instructor Justin Weingartner


Dave Ruthe

Dave does image touch–up and manipulation, as well as design and web design freelance work for businesses and organizations such as the Red Cross, Stephan & Brady ad agency, and Madison Jewish Community Day school. He has created 3D assets and content for multiple unpublished computer games.

Madison Media Institute featured instructor Dave Ruthe


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