Turning students into professionals since 1969.

The Madison Media Institute was established in 1969 as a radio broadcast school. We are a community of YouTube creators, vinyl geeks, independent film nuts, and recovering video game addicts.  We live, breathe and play the media that we love. But the Madison Media Institute offers more than just media. In 2016 we added Medical Programs to the Madison Campus.

Many young people dream of a career in healthcare but most just leave it at that. The time and money it takes to get through medical school can make this an impossible career track. There are, however, many other paths in allied health you could consider. If you enjoy helping people, have a mind for science, and are interested in entering the health care career field quickly, MMI’s Medical Assistant Program or the Medical Office Billing & Coding Program could be the right fit for you.

Our school is designed to help you turn your passion into a career. MMI’s program curriculum provides you with the most relevant skills and training for your chosen field, enabling you to complete your studies more quickly. We have designed our school to guide you deliberately and confidently towards a successful career.
At MMI, our goal is student success. Students gather in a friendly, small-class environment that feels like home. That means students get plenty of one-on-one attention. MMI students learn from highly-qualified and caring instructors all of whom have real-world experience and accolades in their field. Classes are hands-on and students have many resources on campus to help them be successful.

Madison Media Institute offers traditional and online degrees in several career fields: