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Alumni Spotlight: Game Design Graduate Alyx Beauchamp

During Alyx’s life she’s flipped back and forth from wanting to be a writer to an artist. She’s always had the burning desire to see her ideas placed upon the page of a book, but through a lot of reflection and prioritizing, she found herself at Media Institute studying game design. This program was the best choice for Alyx as it coalesced her professional and personal goals in an interactive way.

Discover Media Institute Student Culture with Live Stream on Facebook

What do our students love about Media Institute? Ask a handful of our students and I’m willing to bet that a large majority of them will make some reference to our community. We are big on Community here at the Media Institute. It’s a huge part of our student culture. It starts in our classrooms and permeates outward and now we’re excited to be able to share that community with you! We’re bringing live streaming to our Facebook page each week so be sure to head on over to Facebook and Like us so you don’t miss out!

Top 10 MMI Student Survival Tips

I wish I could tell you that college is easy; that your time in college is going to be perfect and wonderful and you will never have any trouble what so ever!  But unfortunately, that wouldn’t be the truth. Your education at Media Institute will definitely be fun, but I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be challenging. There will be times when things get hard, and you’ll have to dig deep to get through those times.

Employer Spotlight: Tom Galante

As a digital marketing firm responsible for enhancing our client’s online brand and interactive experiences; skilled graphic and web designers play a crucial role in research, development and implementation of those experiences.
As the web continues to change, skilled designers that understand both the print and virtual environments will continue to be in high demand.