Alumni Spotlight - Aran Arms

Alumni Spotlight - Aran Arms
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Congratulations to Madison Media Institute Graduate Aran Arms! We asked him to tell us about his recent career success and to give some advice to MMI students: My current position is Audio/Visual Technician at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino in Milwaukee, Wi. Prior to working at Potawatomi I was employed at Guitar Center in Brookfield, Wi. It's where I met the Banquet Manager of Potawatomi in June 2012 shortly graduation. I gave him such good service at the store he gave me his business card and said, "If you ever want a job in Potawatomi audio department, give me a call." I left Guitar Center in January 2014 to work for an A/V company, who shall remain nameless, completely forgetting about my encounter with the Banquet Manager. {C}

I was not happy there. I applied to position after position and went to interview after interview over the course of 3 months and found nothing. I even applied for my current position twice and got two rejection letters. I eventually got so frustrated with the way things were ran at the company I seriously considered not doing anything audio related just to leave the job. Ironically, it was this job that I was unhappy with that led me to the job I currently love. While working an event at Potawatomi, I remembered that I had the Banquet Manager's business card at my house still almost 2 years later. I set up a meeting with him for the next day and told him of my situation. He told me to apply, and he recommended I get the job. And now, I'm happily employed in a field I love being in, with an outstanding employer.  My advice to current students and fellow alumni is to make any encounter you have with people a pleasurable one. Whether you're out there at professional networking events, or speaking with someone at a bar, you don't know if that person could give you the opportunity of a lifetime or has the means to get you in front of others to get you that opportunity. If I hadn't gone above and beyond for the Banquet Manager, he would have never given me his business card, nor remembered me 2 years later, nor recommended me for a job he honestly wouldn't be sure I would be a good fit for seeing as how he really didn't "know me." Our time on this Earth is not guaranteed and it isn't meant to be spent being unhappy. Great job, Aran! Please continue to keep us posted as your career advances! Click HERE for more information on the programs offered at Madison Media Institute.