Alumni Spotlight - Austin Harrison

Alumni Spotlight - Austin Harrison
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Congratulations to Madison Media Institute Graduate Austin Harrison! We asked him to tell us about his recent career success and to give some advice to MMI students: Peak 22 Marketing and Media is a small startup company of only me and one other person. I do everything from videography, video editing, graphic design, etc. Basically anything/everything involved on the creative side while the person I work with handles the business side.

I don't really have your typical hiring/work search story where I had to go out and apply at a bunch of different companies and go through the dreadful interview process. I started getting into video and graphics while I was in high school and by my Junior year of high school I was doing small freelance jobs for some side cash. As time went on, my network grew and my freelance work picked up substantially. I eventually landed a job editing a hunting television show (outdoors and hunting has always been a passion of mine). I developed a really good friendship and business relationship with the guy I was editing the show for and as I neared the end of my schooling we developed a plan to start up a marketing and media company once I finished school. Within a month of graduation I packed up and moved to Missouri to start working full time at building the business we had started. The best advice I could give anyone currently working towards their degree at MMI is to start building their network now! Just because you're still in school doesn't mean that you have to wait until you graduate to start working in your field of study. Get as much hands on experience as you can outside the classroom, whether that means working on small projects with your friends just for fun or going out and pursuing some freelance work for money. It's never too soon to get started. The connections and experience you gain while in school will only be a huge benefit once you complete your degree and start looking for a full time job. Great job, Austin! Please continue to keep us posted as your career advances! Click HERE for more information about the Video & Motion Graphics Program at Madison Media Institute.