Alumni Spotlight - Eric Anderson

Alumni Spotlight - Eric Anderson
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Congratulations to Digital Art & Design Graduate Eric Anderson! Eric is working as a Media Developer, doing graphic design and web development for Mandli Communications. We asked him to tell us about his recent career success and to give some advice to current MMI students: In my second semester at MMI I was asked through Career Services if I was interested in offering some web development help to a local company, Mandli Communications. I completed a small web development project for Mandli and they brought me on as an intern doing front-end development, converting Photoshop documents into usable web code. I worked as an intern under the Marketing Director and another designer for about year and was eventually brought on full-time in 2012. Throughout this process I learned to never sell yourself short. When you have a good idea or something new to contribute, let your peers, supervisor, or coworkers know about it. I would also recommend that you rarely say that you can’t do something, especially in the beginning of your internship or employment. If you are asked to develop or design something that you have limited experience with, take the time to learn something new.Mandli Communications

My advice to students: Develop a personal portfolio site that is easy to use and showcases your strengths. Complete a freelance, charity, or personal project to add to your portfolio. Look beyond Craigslist for job or internship opportunities - ask your friends and family if they know of any opportunities, and take advantage of Career Services. Research organizations or companies that you would like to work for and find out what they are looking for in an employee, even if they aren’t currently hiring. You can submit your resume and portfolio to companies that aren’t currently hiring, they may give you an offer. My advice In regards to Web Development: Keep learning to stay relevant. If you have not already, learn the concepts of content management and learn a front-end framework like Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation. Keep all of your projects and web code archived so you can refer to it later. Know how you learn. Knowing that you can complete projects that are just outside of your experience is important to advancing. Great job, Eric! Please continue to keep us posted as your career advances! Click HERE for more information about the Digital Art & Design Program at Madison Media Institute.