Alumni Spotlight - Patrik "Great Britt"

Alumni Spotlight - Patrik "Great Britt"
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Congratulations to our newest alumni spotlight, Patrik, who graduated from the Recording & Music Technology Program and is now working as a Studio Manager, Engineer, and Producer at Jupiter Studios in St. Louis! 

Patrik’s story:

I started off as an unpaid intern and did that for exactly one month – nothing fancy, just cleaning and working on projects around the studio.  Then I got the chance to prove myself using my sales expertise.  Clients would come in and ask for a tour when I was there and the current manager would not have time, so I stepped in and would do it.  By the time the tour was over they were insisting on booking the session with me.  After a month the owner saw what an asset I was to his business and decided to promote me!

 What Advice Would You Give Current Students?

  • Take the time to really learn how to make professional sounding instrumentals, and pick up an instrument like the piano and learn the basics - this is the most versatile instrument in my opinion. 
  • Protools is an absolute MUST.  If you do not know this program like the back of your hand, and know how to use it efficiently, you will never succeed as an engineer.  Really take your time to familiarize yourself with all of the plugs -ins and equipment at school, it is really quite standard in most studios you will visit.  I should have been in the MMI studios every night recording and I feel like a total fool for not taking full advantage of them.
  • You have to be talented and you have to be a great engineer, but at the end of the day you need to be employable!  Cut your hair, shave, take a shower, look presentable, and be the best you can be. Music industry professionals are professionals PERIOD. 

Thanks to Patrik for sharing his story with us! If you're a Media Institute graduate who wants to share your story send us an e-mail HERE!