Alumni Spotlight - Tyler Hitchcock

Alumni Spotlight - Tyler Hitchcock
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Congratulations to our newest alum spotlight and recent Graduate, Tyler Hitchcock. Tyler graduated in January this year with a Graphic & Web Design Degree from Minneapolis Media Institute.

“My favorite thing about MMI was the staff. Not only were they your mentors and wanted to see you succeed, the also treated you like a peer. They were always encouraging and supportive, and they seemed to actually care for you as a person, not as a number.”

Currently Tyler works as a Graphic Designer for Wine & Spirits in Blaine, MN. In his free time he is also a freelance designer working for a local musician, High Strung Hop Farm, and a User Interface/Designer for Ucahoot. In Tyler’s words:

“My main tasks as [the Wine & Spirits] graphic designer are to create flyers for upcoming tasting/events, creating our advertisements in The Growler Mag and creating different signage and banners that are used in all 4 of our locations as well as on our emails and websites. I am also involved heavily in the redesign of they're different logos as well as keeping their social media pages up to date with current sales and events. There are 2 skills [I learned at MMI] that really helped me move forward in my career as a graphic designer: The first skill that helped me was simply to not be afraid to show off the things that I have created and to put myself out there. I learned that I needed to step out of my comfort zone if I wanted to be able to pursue my passions. Not only has this helped me with my career, but also in my everyday life. The second skill that has helped me was learning how to actually talk about my works. It is hard finding the word to describe something that you have worked so hard on sometimes… you become attached to the things you create, so it can be tough explaining it in a way that makes sense to people who are analytically driven. One piece of advice that my instructors gave me is to be purposeful with the decision that you make. Have a reason why you did it the way that you did it, that way when someone asks you questions about it you can have an answer for them. A well thought out piece of work will hold greater meaning in the end.”

When asked what his advice is for current Media Institute students, Tyler said, “Trust and listen to your instructors. Not only are they professionals at what they, not only do they have impressive resumes, and not only are they doing what they love, but they also want to see you succeed. They want you to accomplish your goals and enjoy the ride. They aren't only your instructors, but also your friends." Congratulations again to our Alumni Spotlight, Tyler Hitchcock! We are excited to see what you do next! If you’re a Media Institute graduate who wants to be featured as our next Alumni Spotlight e-mail