Audio Visual Alumni Nick Johnson

Audio Visual Alumni Nick Johnson
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Ever wondered how you could turn your love for music into a lifelong career? If you cannot stop replaying your favorite song or keep away from your keytar, consider Madison Media Institute's Recording and Live Sound program. Exploring the technical aspects of the music industry can allow you to become a more well-rounded musician and prepare you for a new job. You may find enjoyment as an audio visual technician, such as our featured alumni, Mr. Nick Johnson, did.
Mr. Johnson was playing music at a young age, but it was not until later that he developed an interest in the technical side of music production. He desired to branch out and expand his skills as a musician. After years of touring both nationally and internationally as a drummer, Mr. Johnson enrolled in MMI's Recording and Live Sound program.
The program was a rewarding experience for Mr. Johnson, allowing him to study in a hands-on environment. Industry legends such as Mr. Dan Harjung, Mr. Chris Vrenna, and Mr. Doug Olson shared their vast knowledge and expertise with him. MMI's instructors significantly impacted Mr. Johnson's life by fostering his passion for music and setting examples for excellence and professionalism.
Post-graduation, Mr. Johnson has advanced in his career considerably. He continues to play drums, recording and touring with various bands. However, he also gained an audio visual technician position at Liquid, a music venue in downtown Madison. Working for Liquid has been the perfect stepping stone for Mr. Johnson as he continues to learn and grow in the music industry.  
If you are ready to live out your passion as a recording and live sound technician, contact us today. Submit our Request Information form or call 888.928.8771 for more information. 
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