Career Chat Friday - Elite Clientele

Career Chat Friday - Elite Clientele
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The next MMI Career Chat Friday is set for March 27th, Building B at 1pmElite Clientele, an MMI graduate owned production company,  will be here to discuss their current opening for audio engineer.  They also contract work with videographers, editors, and graphic and web designers.  Co-owner Divine Wilson will be here to chat with us! Majic ProductionsUpdate from 3/20/15:  Steve Troxell, General Manager at Majic Productions and MMI graduate, was in to chat with us.  He informed us the Majic is always hiring if the right person comes along. They are a live audio and visual company and hire both full and part time – right now! Based out of Milwaukee they service most of South Central WI and a little into IL but have traveled as far as Las Vegas!  Most of their business is corporate but they do get some music venue business from time to time.

As a MMI graduate Steve knew exactly what to bring to the table for our attendees, his advice for how to successfully get hired at Majic Productions is universal and applicable to any job that you apply to: 1.       Wear as many hats as you can! - The fastest growing part of Steve’s industry is in Projection Mapping.  Majic is the first company in WI to offer it and the only reason why is because Steve saw an opportunity and taught himself how to do it so the  company would have someone who could provide that service to clients!  Steve says the best way to move up and be successful is to always be willing to be multi-faceted! 2.       Communicate all your skills! – In live production 8 of 10 applicants want to do live sound and work on a board.  Be more versatile than that and make sure it’s on your resume and in  your cover letter!  If you can do video, lighting, web, even drive a forklift (yup, they got ‘em!) then put it on your resume!  Having a variety of skills is very helpful in most every industry you enter into. 3.       Be flexible -  Your manager may give you a set schedule but when they ask you to do something extra do your best to fill that need for them.  It’s going the extra mile (or ten!) that will help you move up faster and with more opportunities. 4.       Cover letters – put your cover letter in the body of your email so it can be read on a smartphone but also attach it!  Hiring manager will be sharing this or need to print it – it’s easier to do if it’s as an attachment.  Use the least number of words possible – always.  State what you can do and how it can help the company grow and prosper – that’s what we’re looking for! 5.       Utilize your resources while at school – Steve commented on the number of resources available in Career Services that weren’t around when he was here.  His best advice? When there are on-site interviews – TAKE THE INTERVIEW!  Steve hired someone that way last summer.  When you participate in on-site interviews you’re getting to skip a step in the hiring process – the phone interview.  Take advantage of this ALWAYS. Winston the DogHow MMI Student/Graduate Michael Wall was recently hired: he took an on-site interview at MMI where his personality really came through which is what got him a second interview.  When Michael walked into the office for his interview he went over to the office dog (yup, a real dog!) petted him and said “what’s up Winston?”  This showed Steve that Michael had done some research on their website – at that point he had the job. Steve’s best on-the-job advice – I shouldn’t have to chase employees, they should have to chase me. If you want to learn something ask.  Don’t wait around for me to ask you. Thanks Steve for your inspiration.  We can do this!  MMI. Graduate.Work! Click HERE for more information about the Career Services Department at Madison Media Institute.