Career Chat Friday - Internships

Career Chat Friday - Internships
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Another great Career Chat Friday was to be had last week on 4/10.  The focus of this discussion was on internships. Here’s the re-cap:

How Do You Prepare For Pursuing Internships?

  1. Create and grow your digital identity
  2. Clean up your existing digital identity
  3. Become active on the social media platforms of companies you are interested in pursuing internships with
  4. Attend networking events where current employees or decisions makers of companies you are interested in pursuing internships with will be at

What To Make Sure You DO While On An Internship:

  1. Realize that the full-time people who are working around you at your internship are your references.  If you want to work at the company they are your best advocates.
  2. Be the best intern you can be even if it’s just being the mail clerk.  Your commitment to the job at hand, attention to detail and excellence will be noticed and is transferable to any position at the company you are interested in.
  3. Treat the internship like a job.
  4. Realize that you are the low person on scale.  You are there to learn so act like it.  Work hard, ask questions and do the mundane so you will be asked to learn to fun stuff to do around you.

Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Internship:

  1. When do I want to have an internship in relationship to my school schedule?
  2. How will this experience help me down the road?
  3. Show I do an internship related to my major or not?  Why or why not?
  4. What have former interns said about this specific internship?
  5. Am I willing to go outside of the city? State?
  6. What responsibilities will this internship have?
  7. Does this internship require college credit? Can I get that?
  8. How independent am I?  Some internships offer a lot of independence and some do not – know how you feel about both.
  9. Does this opportunity have additional benefits that sweeten the opportunity?
  10. Is it unpaid? Should I consider doing the same work on a volunteer basis instead?

MMI Career Services either has, or can, help you find internships in any program we offer – come in and talk to us or you can email us at . Don’t forget to check out the MMI Job board – you’ll find available internships posted there as well. The next Madison Media Institute Career Chat is THIS FRIDAY 4/17, Building B, rm. 116 from 1pm to 3pm. Our topic will be the newest resource available through MMI Career Services  – MMI CAREER CONNECTIONSthe space where MMI students/graduates come together with MMI business partners. This is our new website where MMI students and graduates can upload demo reels, work examples, resumes, cover letters, contact information and more for potential employers to review.  During our time together we will:

  • Review the website and it’s uses
  • Discuss how to upload various types of work and files to your profile
  • Work with you to get your profile perfect so we can start sharing it with potential employers!

For those of you unable to attend check back next week for our recap! -Laura Mael To learn more about the Media Institute click HERE to visit our website!