Career Chat Friday - Majic Productions

Career Chat Friday - Majic Productions
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The next MMI Career Chat Friday is set for March 20th, Building B at 1pm.  Majic Productions, a sound, video and lighting production company based out of Brookfield, WI will be onsite to discuss their current openings including an Audiovisual Technician position.  To learn more about the company go to While Career Chats brings in specific employers in specific industries, NEVER hesitate to come!  Even if an opportunity is outside your industry the information these employers share is versatile and applicable to everyone.  Besides – you never know when an employer should be looking for you and isn’t – they won’t know it until they meet and speak with you!

Update from Career Chat March 13th: We started our session with good news/bad news.  The bad news was that our guest speaker from Segredo’s Nightclub had been in the car on his way to meet with us when he got the dreaded call – water main break back at the nightclub – come quick!  The good news – everyone in the room is now invited to a personal tour of the facilities (date TBD). Matt Eidson Matt Eidson[/caption] The best news - we still had a great session!   Our own Matt Eidson ran over to give his expert knowledge and advice on  working in the entertainment industry and Robert was able to share what he knew about current openings at Segredo’s PLUS a new opportunity at Segredo’s he had just received information on.  Here’s what we discussed and, at the bottom of this blog, are additional job leads!: 1.       Entertainment Hours – with any job but particularly in the Entertainment field be aware of the hours.  For example, Segredo’s is open until 2:30pm on Saturdays and then there is clean up which everyone participates in meaning you may not get home until 4am.  Make sure you are physically able to keep late night hours!  And remember, partying until 4am and working until 4am are very different!!! 2.       Working outside your job description (a/k/a “Other Duties as Assigned”) – while your title might be audio engineer or security or event coordinator you could be asked to do anything from shopping for special requests for the talent to picking the talent up from the airport to emptying the garbage.  In the Entertainment business EVERYONE is called on to get the job done – no matter what that entails!  Be prepared to work outside of your job description – and without complaining, groaning or anything less than a smile. 3.       Dress Code – every industry has a dress code.  Be aware of what it is and strive to dress “one step up “ just to get in the door.  At Segredo’s, even the security personnel wear suits.  Make sure that how the managers dress is something you are comfortable with.  It doesn’t have to mean that you spend a ton of money on clothes- but if the manager is wearing a suit be prepared to wear one too.  (Madison has a ton of thrift stores with awesome clothing at insanely low prices!  It doesn’t have to be new – just in good condition.  See Laura in Career Services for wear to go for the best prices on the best clothing!) 4.       Creativity and energy – any company you work for will ask you to be creative and have an energy for what they do.  Because of the crazy hours in the Entertainment Industry this is your key to success more than anything else.   Bringing in new ideas that brings in additional profit and having the drive and energy to get it done will be your golden ticket.  At the end of the day, you are part of a team who’s whole goal is to make money.  If you can add to that goal and help increase the profits – you are a valuable asset and one worth keeping and promoting. As always, we left plenty of time to help anyone who wanted to stay with their resumes, cover letters and even a few online applications.  Nancy Grey stopped in as well to help lend her expertise.  Nancy and Robert closed up shop well after 4pm. Here are the leads I promised you! See Robert or Laura in Career Services for more details –

  • Segredo’s – looking for interns in social media and event planning, looking to hire an Assistant Lighting Director as well as Security Personnel
  • Wild Hog in the Woods Coffeehouse – will be conducting a Sound Workshop FOR FREE at the Will-Mar Center on Saturday, March 28th at 2pm. The coffeehouse hosts artists most weekends and is always in need of volunteer sound engineers.  We’ve had several MMI audio students volunteer here and have had this lead to paying opportunities due to the contacts the coffeehouse can provide.
  • J. Stevens Production Training – will be holding an extensive training session on Saturday, April 4th for anyone interested in learning what it takes to work at the Crystal Grand Theater in the Wisconsin Dells. (artists such as Martina McBride, Mickey Gilley, The Oak Ridge Boys and more perform here!)  There will be a small fee due to the intensiveness of this training HOWEVER, if you go, Career Services will have a gift card for you :)  Amount TBD.  Sign up through Robert in Career Services.

You can do this!  MMI. Graduate.Work!