Career Chat Friday - Segredo's Nightclub

Career Chat Friday - Segredo's Nightclub
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The next MMI Career Chat Friday is set for March 13th, Building B at 1pm.  Segredo’s Nightclub will be here to discuss their current openings of both an events coordinator intern and a social media intern.  MMI grads currently work at Segredo’s and started themselves in internship positions. Update from 3/6/15:  MMI instructor Rob Howard, worker bee at Human Head Studios and connection with Gearbox Studios was in and shared his expertise and wisdom about applying for jobs specifically to Gearbox Studios (where he knows people!)  but his advice is universal and applicable to all:

1.       When a job posting asks for experience - when an employer states that they are looking for someone with at least 2 years experience in most instances what they are really saying is that this is a junior level or entry level position – they just want to try and discourage some applications so they don’t have so many to review.  The moral is – if it says at least 2 years experience required –apply anyway!  You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain! 2.       Get on the field! – Michael Jordan once said he “never missed a basket he didn’t take” – what he was saying was that you don’t know what you can do until you try so – try for everything!  You have to be in the field to be considered.  Many companies are always hiring if the right person comes along so – be that person!  Some even say it on their website. 3.       Find out what the industry is missing in applications. – for Gearbox it’s that everyone turns in demo reels with hard surface modeling and no organic modeling.  If a reel comes in with organic modeling samples it’s considered unique and worthy of a second look.  How can you apply this concept to your application in your industry?  Coming to Career Chats is a good start because hiring managers are there and talking to you and you can ask them directly! 4.       Go to industry conventions, seminars, meetings – anywhere that a hiring manager for your industry might be. – Many times industry conventions will hold informational interviews for anyone that signs up!  It’s a guaranteed interview that might get you nothing or it might get you a second interview.  Sometimes just because you were there and you spoke to a hiring manager they will give you a 1st interview when you apply for a job at a later date. 5.       International work is hard to get- if you want to work internationally make sure you know what the immigration rules for that country are.  Japan and Western European countries have stiff regulations and guidelines and are very difficult to work in.  Nordic countries and Singapore are more open. Rob’s parting words were – “You can do this!  It might take you 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years but I’ve never known anyone who kept trying who wasn’t eventually successful.  Keep practicing your craft, you’ll continue to improve and get better and someone will want what you have to give. Don’t give up, never give it! “ Thanks Rob for your inspiration.  We can do this!  MMI. Graduate.Work!