Career Chat Fridays

Career Chat Fridays
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MMI Career Services recently implemented a new employer talk series “Career Chat Fridays”.  The first hour of Chat Time is spent with local employers currently hiring who are asked to

  • give an overview of their company
  • discuss current job openings
  • give tips & tricks regarding their hiring practices
  • answer any questions attendees may have

The second hour of Chat Time is spent with attendees actively working on resumes, cover letters and demo reels.  Both Career Services staff and various faculty members are present to provide assistance and feedback.  Some attendees even complete their applications and send them in during this time!

Notes from Roadview/Mandli Chat Friday, 2/13 Company Overview Roadview is off spring to Mandli Communications – both companies are fast growing are industry leaders in the collection, reduction and delivery of large scale, geo-referenced data sets from a mobile platform.  HR Manager Erick Sperloen was in and discussed the history of their companies and current job openings.  Erick even brought in a piece of equipment worth $250,000!  No touching was allowed but there was lots of looking. For more information on Roadview and/or Mandli go to or . Current Openings Erick reviewed both the Field Systems Operator and Data Processor Modeling positions.  Both are entry level in a rapidly growing company servicing departments of transportation in almost every state – including Alaska and Hawaii!  Both open doors to expanded roles within the company.  Both have hired MMI Graduates in the past from the GAM, VMG and DAD programs.  Two GAM graduates went on from Roadview to open their own game design company that is very active in the movie industry today.

  • The Field Systems Operator involves massive travel across all 50 states and requires only a 12 month commitment after which time you are primed to be placed into another position within the company.
  • The Data Processor works with data collected out on the road and ensures the resulting model is clear, clean and landmarks easy to read.  It’s a great part-time or full-time job during school. Both offer tons of perks and benefits – including better than average pay!

Current openings at Roadview Applicant Strategies Erick encouraged applicants to show enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and to have read their website so they understand what it is the company does. Be prepared and able to speak to their clients, their work and their mission. Notes from Filament Games Chat Friday, 2/20 Company Overview Filament Games creates digital learning games and interactive.  They believe that games are a powerful way to engage and inspire learners and approach game design by translating learning objectives directly into meaningful gameplay mechanics and playful curriculum materials.  Their mission is to make a difference modernizing education and revolutionizing learning.  Their office is a stylish, fun and relaxed space where work-life balance is encouraged!  Rumor has it that water balloons often make an appearance in their space. Current Openings Filament currently has several openings.  We discussed those most relevant to MMI Game Art and Animation Graduates and included:

  • Associate Producer
  • Comic Line Artist (contractor)
  • QA Associate
  • Texture Artist
  • Visual/Interaction Designer I

For a list of current openings and job descriptions go to Applicant Strategies HR Manager Connor Hayes offered the following advice when applying to Filament Games:

  • Know what sprints are – these are set goals for the week that are your sole focus and must be completed before the week is over
  • Know the difference between Agile Development and Waterfall Development – they use both but prefer Waterfall Development – the difference between having an idea and developing it and having a plan for an idea and following that plan
  • Be behind the mission of education –if you’re not, this is not the place for you to work
  • Read the job description THOROUGHLY, they will throw something in the middle of it to see if you actually read it
  • Check out their website and be able to speak to it, especially the games!  Make sure to play a few of them and be prepared to offer your feedback – whatever it is.  They value opinions and creative criticism.
  • They hire first for culture then for skills.  If you have promise and basic skills but are perfect for their culture they will take you over someone who has awesome skills but is not a culture fit

This Friday’s Career Chat will be with Robert Agnew from Career Services and will focus on how to research a company, how to use that information in an interview and how to integrate it into your resume and cover letter.  See you Friday, 2/27 in Building B from 1pm to 3pm in room 116! *Click HERE for notes from Career Chat Friday 2/27