A Closer Look at Video Production and Editing Training

Video Producer behind a camera A Closer Look at Video Production and Editing Training
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Hands-On Training on Light Kits, HD Broadcast Video Cameras, DSLR Cameras, Jib Arms...

The Production and Editing program is designed to prepare students for the video, film and broadcast industries because we believe everyone needs video.  This is a hands-on curriculum with the specific software needed in this profession.  Students could learn to use a variety of hardware including light kits, HD broadcast video cameras, DSLR cameras, jib arms, a variety of microphones and grip gear equipment.  Students also learn Adobe Premiere®, Adobe Photoshop®, and Adobe After Effects®.  Once a diploma is completed students could enter the field as video editors, production assistants, writers, master control operators, videographers, and freelance new media developers. 

Program description:

Think about the last production you watched, be it a movie, something on TV, or even a training video. Did you notice things like audio levels, camera angle and focus, attention to detail, or production value? If so, you’re one of us and you will want to become part of the Production and Editing program at Madison Media Institute.

This program could prepare you for a wide array of jobs in the world of video from Production Assistant to Producer. Our Emmy award-winning instructors are here to teach and inspire you to create your own video masterpiece.

Video and Editing students in the program:

Most students come from small town Wisconsin or main urban areas of Milwaukee.   The population is mostly male, average age 23, but there are females in the program as well, average age 20.    The ratio of male to female is 3:1.   Video students are more mature because they are focused and have had previous video experience.   They are active gamers as well; however, peer- to- peer discussions cover film, games, Facebook and TV shows.   They are active on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, and Imgur.  

There is no doubt they are web savvy but are extremely naïve in the business concept of the video industry.  There is a great gap between doing YouTube videos and getting a few views and the concept that you have to work with a client to actually make money in this business and you have to do high-quality work.   

This is not a hobby.  It is a career that has commitment.   If you look at VALS or are familiar with it, video students are Explorers.   “They are driven by a need for discovery, challenge, and new frontiers.  Young in nature, if not in reality, they are often the first to try out new ideas and experiences.  Their core need in life is for discovery. “  

Older students that enter the program are usually married and have children but come to school to fulfill a dream and know they can get to work much more quickly in 10 months rather than completing a four-year degree.  One-third of our students are completely focused, talented, and have incredible interpersonal skills.   Another third are average young people just looking for direction and need a little help.  Another third … they are as diverse as the industry itself.

All of our students at some point have worked in the service or manufacturing industries. Most of them have transportation and have no problems with housing.   During their time here, they create strong solid friendships and rely on each other to complete projects.   After graduation, they end up working with each as well.  It is not on a consistent basis but they certainly take the time to help each other.  

Video and Editing hard skills we teach are:

  1. Videography
  2. Editing
  3. Lighting  
  4. Teamwork
  5. Motion Graphics

Companies our video and editing graduates typically work:

  1. TV stations (currently 25 students work at the local TV Stations)
  2. Production houses
  3. Corporate Communications
  4. Freelance video production is additional as most graduates work on the side

Video graduates typically have the following titles:

  1. Videographer
  2. Editor
  3. Motion Graphics Designer
  4. Camera Operator
  5. Production Assistant or Associate
  6. Floor Crew

And these are the skill sets video editors could perform in the workplace:

  1. videography
  2. editing
  3. graphics
  4. producing
  5. audio recordist

Local companies video graduates might work for and potential hiring partnerships:

  1. All local television stations (WMTV,  WKOW, WMSN,  The CW and WISC-TV)  
  2. Discover Mediaworks
  3. Tilt Media
  4. American Family Insurance
  5. Red Star Pictures