How To Give Back To Your Home

How To Give Back To Your Home
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Greetings and salutations compadres, comrades, crewmembers and co-conspirators. It feels good to be back in the saddle and back in the classroom. It’s a well-known fact that I am from Milwaukee, WI. It is also a well known fact that for a lot of youth in the City of Milwaukee, hope is fleeting, opportunity is minimal, change comes from a dollar and all exits are locked, there is no key. This is the reality of thousands of urban youth from my hometown. The arrest rate is staggering and unemployment among African-American males is higher than 50%. There are a few warriors though. They are agents of the light. Freed from the imagery and subliminal assaults that regularly disenfranchise entire populations, demographics, and cultures.

I offer you the resistance, True Skool. This group of go-getters has sought to keep kids out of trouble by engaging their minds through Hip-Hop programming. They have truly embraced the Zulu foundations of the elements of Hip-Hop and what they mean to our culture. These elements are Breaking, D.J., Graffiti, M.C., and Knowledge. My brother in music and art Viva Fidel (@vivafidel if you tweet), helped found the True Skool and currently teaches the Art of MC Class. That’s nuts, there’s a class that teaches the art of MC, my mind has been blown from that one there. Fidel and I have crossed paths our entire lives as artists and at our least intersection I offered my services to help advance the cause of True Skool and its bottom line. This wouldn’t be possible without Madison Media Institute and its new President Rich Denhart who have both endorsed and sponsored my initiative with True Skool. Starting February 7, 2015 I will be teaching a 4 week Pro Tools Class at True Skool. What’s even better is the cost is a small fraction of what it would cost you to a class like this anywhere else. All proceeds from this class go to True Skool. It is my intention to give back where I can and teaching recording to the community while helping out a non-profit that aligns with my beliefs is no better way for me to accomplish this. I know that Madison Media cares about us and our dreams and aspirations. I just hope the community takes advantage of this opportunity because I am not sure when I will pass this way again. True Skool I salute you, your mission, and your staff. I commend your spirits for unselfish giving in the name of enlightenment and progress and thank you for it. Peace be unto you Chris “Godxilla” Taylor Visit the True Skool website to sign up for Chris "Godxilla" Taylor's 4-week Pro-Tools Workshop