How Graphic Design Speaks to Me

How Graphic Design Speaks to Me
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Why do I like Graphic Design? That’s actually a really good question and probably the best place for me to start with for some of my blogs. I think the major reason that I like it, is the same reason I like Game Design or art in general. It speaks to me and enables me to speak to other people. Design is the ability to communicate to people through an image whether it involves words or not doesn’t matter. It’s the ability to relate an idea or story to the viewer that draws me in every time. The way we can use either the single image to make someone think about something in a completely different way, or the ability to use motion to draw their attention and keep them captivated for however long it may be is an amazing thing.


I think we often forget how much of the imagery that surrounds us, someone had to concept, iterate and publish. Sometimes it can be as small as a stamp, or a logo on a business card or something a bit larger like on a car or bus. It may even be on a billboard or the side of an entire building. What at first can appear to be something incredibly simple may have taken someone or a team of people months to distill down to what we finally see. You may think, “How could it take months?”, but allow me to ask this: How do you distil a concept like maybe innovative into a single image? You have to make the viewer feel something that is connected to innovation without using any words. Not so easy is it?

Graphic Design Makes Us Notice

Graphic Design, when done really well, makes us notice something without making us realize that we’ve noticed. It speaks to our subconscious and creates a link from the image or the word to a particular feeling or desire that we might not have even been aware of. And that’s part of the draw – sorry no pun intended – for me to Graphic Design.

I Challenge You

I challenge you to take a closer look at the world around you and see how much of the images that we see are telling us far more than we actually realized. Take a second look at the Nike logo or the one for whatever car you drive, the numerous other icons and symbols that surround us– or even the MMI logo - and think about what it means to you. Does it convey trust or power or confidence? Does it make you want to do something, not just buy something but maybe help make the world better? Does it inspire you or push you away and why? We see design elements all around and for the most part we never really give them a second look. I think it’s time that we all take a moment to truly see what the world is telling us and listen a little more closely with our eyes to all that the very talented designers of the world are telling us. Learn more about our Graphic Design program.