Impact of Social Media

Impact of Social Media
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As you are probably well aware, the music industry is constantly bringing the drama. Whether it is Martin Skrelli paying millions of dollars for a Wu Tang Clan album that he has no interest in listening to or Kanye’s ridiculous rants on Twitter, there is constantly something reaching us on social media that is totally irrelevant. This week however, fans and celebrities are taking to social media in support of the recording artist Ke$ha and allegations she has made against her long time producer.   Ke$ha has sued her Record Producer Dr. Luke over a series of allegations including sexual assault and battery.   Ke$ha has requested to be let out of her contract with the Producer, but a New York Judge has recently ruled that the contract will not be dissolved.

In the old days before digital media that would be the end of the story, however with the power of social media this story continues on. Ke$ha has turned to social media with dissatisfaction over the Judge’s decision, and her fans have begun a free Ke$ha campaign. Of course Dr. Luke has been targeted by these fans through social media in what his attorney has referred to as a smear campaign. Even other celebrities have gotten involved in support of Ke$ha. Demi Lovato even posted on social media in support of Ke$ha while allegedly criticizing Taylor Swift for not throwing support as well. It seems Taylor was listening, as she promptly donated a sum of $250,000 to Ke$ha. Do we live in a new environment where failed lawsuits don’t serve as the coffin nail to legal disputes involving celebrities any more? If the allegations made by Ke$ha are true, then let’s hope that somehow she will be able to avoid further abuse. If her allegations are false, it really does not matter, because the damage to the producers’ reputation has already been done and this new brand of mob justice through social media will undoubtedly a have seriously negative impact on his career.   With the power of social media, a relatively unknown record producer does not stand a chance against a successful and relevant recording artist with a large fan base. Fans are going to side with the artist, and the name recognition that Ke$ha has in her industry will cause this story to be newsworthy in the eyes of the media. Ke$ha will likely be invited on to TV shows to discuss her predicament, while the accused producer will undoubtedly be offered little if any opportunity to force his side of the story. As we discuss frequently in the Business in Media Program as well as the Social Media and Digital Marketing Program, Social Media has many strengths in the areas of Mass Communication and Marketing. As you know anyone can post on social media. Unlike traditional media, we can freely express opinion and what we post does not need to be fair and balanced.   Should we be concerned that so may people can be reached by individuals with an agenda? Regardless of what the agenda is, have we created a platform that perhaps we cannot control. What do you think? Is this brand of mob justice through social media a good or bad thing for society?