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MusicMann Studios
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Greetings and Salutations to all you Homo sapiens who peruse the ramblings of my fingertips purposely written in the key of soul. I would like to introduce you to my good friend Mr. Mike Mann. Mike owns and operates MusicMann Studios on Chase and Oklahoma in Milwaukee, WI. Last Friday I sat down and kicked the ballistics with Mike for a couple hours on the topics of Beats, Rhymes and Life. The conversation inspired me to reach out to the planet on behalf of said summit and its findings.

Now let me start by saying that the cut of gear that Mike is amassing in his bunker is beyond reproach and I was absolutely impressed at the direction that he is taking with his facility and amenities. He has got killer amps, mic pres, compressors, axes and vintage ivory for me to twinkle my meta-tarsals on. I could easily set up shop in this joint and rain thunder upon your eardrums with this gear. MusicMann RackMusicMann Drums What I found to be equally impressive was Mike’s passion for recording and knowledge. He is a seeker, questioning conventional thought and practices to improve the end result and present his clients with an unrivaled end product. That’s what I look for in an engineer. I feel that person will be in the business for a really long time.

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The one thing that I found askew in Mike’s setup was the same thing that I found in my barber’s shop. I was talking to him about how much I loved the space and how much money I knew I could make in it. When I last lived in Milwaukee and was actively looking for clients to record in my spare time, I was doing $300-500 on the weekends every weekend. It was supplemental income that I could depend on. I decided to lay some of the “how” on Mike. MusicMann MicMusicMann Guitars I asked him to open Google for me and put “recording studio Milwaukee” in the search. The results were exactly what I expected them to be. First, it was nice to see all of my friends “above the fold” in the search results, but no one paid to be first. The results that I got were organic results. No one was paying Google to advertise.   The question I posed to Mike was, “How much money can you make by being first?” This is something that I see a lot of great businesses and business owners miss out on. Not only this, but blogging like my friends and I at Madison Media do. I would also take a picture of every band, every time they came in to record and post it on my social sites. Then I would tag them in it. The list of tactics that I would employ is quite extensive and there are a multitude of things that I would do to get the joint jukin’. I am laying this on you because this is what our Entertainment Media Business program is. It is “How do you take a little thought and know-how to help a business thrive. What is Google AdWords? How do you place an ad on Google, who is it served to?" Our program covers a bunch of these things as well. It isn’t just entertainment, the principals work in all areas of marketing and promotion. My next endeavor is setting up a deal between a television station, a bunch of business and a government agency to bring them all together to help pay musicians. I am planning on this one being huge. What could you do if you knew what I knew about marketing and promotions? I’m sure you could rewrite a few things around you too. As far as Mike goes, he is in a short list of great people that I have met over the last few weeks. Little does he know, he now can’t get rid of me and I am here to help him succeed anyway that I can. He will be above the fold soon and if you encounter the link click on it to boost some traffic for him. See you on the flipside or in the classroom! Xilla Click HERE for more information about the programs offered at Madison Media Institute.