Ray Ibsen Media Instructor

Ray Ibsen Media Instructor
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Considering a degree in the media arts? Some people know from childhood that this field is meant for them, while others find their planned path in life merging with it. Mr. Ray Ibsen, one of Madison Media Institute's instructors, falls into the latter category. 
While a student at the University Of Wisconsin-Green Bay, he qualified for work-study money. An opportunity arose to work with a Wisconsin Public Television station's on-campus studio. Having been in the photography field previously, Mr. Ibsen was immediately interested. He joined and enjoyed the work immensely. Upon graduation, he was offered a full-time position as a Videographer/Audio Recordist/Editor. This position changed his life. Over the years, he had an amazing experience working with extremely talented producers and directors on very noteworthy documentaries, educational programming, and television shows. Many of these projects won very prestigious awards. With each new assignment, Mr. Ibsen's passion for his work grew.
Teaching always came naturally to Mr. Ibsen. He passed along swimming, photography, and scuba diving knowledge and skills to others. He then realized, why not do the same for media? His instructor position allows him to share his love for media while staying current in his industry. A bonus is that the job has hardly ever inhibited his ability to work on video projects simultaneously. He still enjoys working on documentaries, corporate projects, commercials, television shows, sports, and much more.
For Mr. Ibsen, the best part of being an instructor is seeing a student's progress over the years. He guides students while they are in school, and then has the joy of seeing them succeed in professional markets. This inspires Mr. Ibsen to continually improve both his projects and teaching style. To get in touch with Mr. Ibsen, please submit our Request Information form on this page or call 888.928.8771. He is always eager to discuss his experiences and show how you can thrive in the media arts industry, too.