Recording and Live Sound Diploma Program Instructor Chris Vrenna

Recording and Live Sound Diploma Program Instructor Chris Vrenna
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Why choose Madison Media Institute for recording and live sound training? Many schools can teach how to run a program and edit music, but our instructors have decades of experience to bolster their lessons. Our recording and live sound program is taught by professionals such as Mr. Chris Vrenna.
Mr. Vrenna has an extensive career in the recording and music industries. He was a drummer for two noteworthy bands, Nine Inch Nails (from 1989-1997) and Marilyn Manson (2004-2011). An accomplished musician, he can play a wide range of instruments including the keyboard, guitar, piano, bass, and synthesizer. He has appeared in several music videos and also won a Grammy for “Best Metal Performance” in 1995.
Apart from performing, he is also adept at remixing, producing, programming, and engineering music. In this capacity, Mr. Vrenna has helped many artists with their music. His clients have included U2, David Bowie, Metallica, Slipknot, Green Day, and Weezer, to name a few. Mr. Vrenna has also utilized these skills for video games. His sound work is featured in Doom 3, Sonic the Hedgehog, Alice: Madness Returns, Advanced Warfare, and many more popular titles.
Today, he teaches audio engineering, Pro Tools, and Ableton software in our recording and live sound program. Mr. Vrenna is still active in his composing career, demonstrating how recording and live sound can be a lifelong passion. He is always eager to equip students with the knowledge they need to follow in his steps. 
Mr. Vrenna enjoys speaking with potential students. If you would like to arrange a meeting, simply submit our request information form on the top of this page and when an admission representative contacts you, request a meeting with Mr. Vrenna. We would be happy to get your journey started.
You might click out of this window. You might go about your day and forget that you read this. You may push off submitting the request information form until later; but, in five years, will you regret not taking action today?
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