Short Film “When Does Love Begin?” Selected for Magwill Film Festival in Hollywood

Short Film “When Does Love Begin?” Selected for Magwill Film Festival in Hollywood
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A film project headed up by Nella Citino, Chair of the Video Film departments at Madison Media Institute was recently selected for the Magwill Film Festival in Hollywood, California. When Love Begins“When does Love Begin?”  is a dramatic short produced and written by Nella Citino.  Most of the film was shot in the Madison area with local actors and actresses, but Magwill Film Festival recognized that the film had “something.”  As stated by the festival’s Chief Executive Officer Alex Goodeam,  “We're trying to see the drive inside, any new ideas, fresh stories. We believe that there are many interesting ideas and new names but it's a hard work to find them out. That is why we created this film festival and why we selected this film.“ The film’s director Francisco C. Torres maintains, “One often hears the phrase "it's an honor to be nominated". In an industry where you are competing with tens of thousands of great films and videos every year, that phrase rings truth.”  He continues, “ Having worked on this film with a great cast and crew, this nomination comes forth as a reward for the outstanding efforts by each one of these individuals.” As the main focus of the festival is to find new names with potential ability to produce high level films, the selection process occurs four times per year.  There are spring, summer, fall and winter festivals.  The next one happens in the summer. In addition to this, there are several levels in the contest aspect:  If selected, there are awards with grants. There are also awards without grants, nominees and, of course, winners. The festival was founded by a distribution company which is also looking for new content as well.  The Magwill Film Festival is also an online theater and film market. Magwill encourages filmmaker throughout the production, selection, and distribution process. Nella CitinoNella Citino Producer and writer Nella Citino states, ”I can only give credit to the people on the crew and the support I receive from my colleagues to do this type of film. The Magwill Film Festival has a different approach to the festival circuit and  I would highly encourage our students submit their work since this is the type of festival that is seeking fresh voices and fresh perspectives.  Not only that, you can win money.”   The next call for entries is for the summer festival.  Deadline is May 27th, 2015. Visit our website for more information about the Video Film programs at Madison Media Institute.