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By Martin Atkins Ok, I’m using the visual of a snowball because it is getting close to Christmas and I’m liking the idea of a snowball rolling down a hill, gradually accumulating more and more layers until it is ripe for snow-man-making – but it could just as easily be a meatball rolling around on your filthy kitchen floor gradually adding layers of cat hair, sawdust, pieces of plastic from the time you tried to unsuccessfully mod and x-box controller (you should come to our modding party  and some pieces of a pop tart. BUT, here’s the point – many of you might be faced with a TINY task – one that doesn’t seem like much of an opportunity – or a LARGE task that’s LOTS OF WORK that also doesn’t seem like much of an opportunity – BUT what I have seen over the last few graduating EMB classes is that small things SNOWBALL into larger things – yes – there’s a LOT OF WORK – but, at some point – there is OPPORTUNITY – for whom? THE PERSON WHO HAS BEEN MAKING THE OPPORTUNITY A REALITY! That could be you! Ok, geddit? Here’s an example One of our students – David Castillo was frightened by the idea that we were going to put him in charge of the EMB newsletter – so, in one of those fantastic moments that only adrenalin and FEAR can create – he came up with the idea of starting his own film festival! The Witches Of Whitewater Film Festival ! To make it better and to gain experience – he volunteered to help at the Beloit International Film Festival…….lots of work, no $ but EXPERIENCE! THEN, another festival close by saw what he was doing (and got some rave reviews from the guy he was helping) and asked if he’d help them too, THEN it turned out that the main guy from Beloit I FF also needed help with his Orchestra – guess who he chose? RIGHT……….but now if you are thinking – that’s LOADS of work – that’s THREE ‘jobs’ right there for NO MONEY – yes, correct – but what better way of finding ONE PAYING GIG than to be involved with three?? In fact – his EMB mind-set (the one that regular Music Business Schools don’t teach you!) made him realize that a lot of the films being submitted needed better menu’s and some other technical DVD things he could help with – so David has a small side business helping some of these amateur film-makers present themselves in a more professional way – THEN, the B.I.F.F. asked him to create a LATIN component of the festival and started to pay him! I have many many many examples of this PATH TO MEANINGFUL ACTIVITIES that I’ll share with you in another blog. More so than ever now in this horrifying economy it involves YOU putting your ass and a lot of effort on the line to CONVINCE someone that you are the Sh*t! That’s just the way it is these days – you have to merchandise yourself! - get used to it.  Its not just about your knowledge of artist management, event management or anything else to do with media business – its putting it all on the line and MAKING things happen. I know its difficult – We can help! I like this thing that I tweeted last week: “opportunity isn’t a comfortable bed – it’s a build it yourself bicycle powered lamp that you have to pedal like F**K to shine some light into the darkness” Peace, love and respect! Martin Atkins Follow me on twitter @Marteeeen Watch the EMB video that features David Castillo.