Social Media and Video Engagement

Social Media and Video Engagement
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For those that manage a social media account (or ten) there is always the challenge to create relevant content that engages your target audience. Few forms of content do this more reliably than short form video. The key to engaging video content for social media is relevance to your audience. Yes, slick video production and editing skills help (you can get those skills here), but consistently relevant content trumps even the slickest video if it lacks a meaningful connection to the audience. Lets take a look at two companies that are using video engagement on social media to its upmost potential. GoPro This might seem unfair, as GoPro is a camera company, but I dare you to not contain your excitement about their product when you see how they use video to engage their audience on social media. They have a simple plan; “we make a camera that captures fast moving action; let’s give cameras to a team of action sports fanatics and world travelers; and let them show what the camera can do”. Brilliant! They have obviously mastered both content and video skills; check them out on Instagram (8.4 million followers) and YouTube (over 1 Billion channel views).

Converse Converse is a timeless brand that continues to engage new audiences generation after generation. They use video to enhance their visual approach to social media, connecting with a youthful audience through content that is playful, colorful and independent in spirit. The videos range from low budget camera footage with blown out audio to high quality, high concept art that shows a forward-thinking product and brand. Find your next pair of shoes via their Instagram (3.5 million followers) or checkout the punk art promotion for the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II on YouTube. Your brand does not need to be as fashionable as GoPro or Converse; Lowes has 75 million YouTube views with home improvement videos… Know your audience; give them a steady stream of relevant video content on social media; repeat! If you're interested in learning more, check out the programs offered at Madison Media Institute!