Tour:Smart by Martin Atkins Reaches a New Audience of Students

Tour:Smart by Martin Atkins Reaches a New Audience of Students
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Full Sail University has recently incorporated Tour:Smart, by Martin Atkins, into their curriculum. Martin Atkins is an instructor in the Entertainment & Media Business  (EMB) program at Madison Media Institute (MMI). He leads courses on Touring, Advanced Entrepreneurship, Artist and Event Management, and Online Marketing. Atkins wrote his book Tour:Smart in 2007 and has since spoken around the world at major industry conferences, recognized universities, and nonprofit organizations.  His distinguished speaking resume includes: SXSW, Warped Tour, CMJ, New Music Seminar, Unconvention, NAMM, By:Larm, Dfest, USC, Drexel, Virginia Commonwealth University’s Brand Center, Full Sail, Weiden + Kennedy, Chicago Cultural Center and many more. “I’ve been down to Full Sail a few times to guest lecture and that place is amazing“ said Martin Atkins “It’s great and humbling to think that they’re using my book to infect more brains down there in Florida while I’m up here in Madison doing the same thing in person.” At Madison Media Institute, students can earn their Academic Associates degree, than go on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Entertainment & Media Business. Students are actively creating their own futures, preparing for careers in a variety of sectors within the entertainment and media industry. "The great thing about the EMB program is that the disciplines and the mind set are not confined to the music or media businesses, they gain transferrable skills - our students can carve out a niche for themselves anywhere!" said Atkins. “We’re thrilled that students at Full Sail will have access to the insight and advice that Martin provides in Tour:Smart. Our students at MMI have established connections and relationships through Martin that have proved invaluable in their career search, we’re honored to have him as a member of our faculty” said Rich Denhart, Entertainment & Media Business Department Chair at Madison Media Institute.