Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services

Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services
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Transitioning from college to the workforce is what most call going into the real world. With the real world come a few real facts. First and foremost, don’t become real stressed-out. College students and graduates often focus on one thing and one thing only - getting a job. They sometimes then panic when their original plan falls through. The 3 facts below will help you, as a student or graduate, to make a seamless transition from college into the real world.

Save your money The desire and need for a job is twofold, use the degree and make money.  The time it takes to land a job after graduation is not under your control. Therefore, start saving for life-after-college in your last year of college. It is the best defense against the demands of being a real adult in the real world. Start by making cuts now. So whether you are moving back in with your parents, planning to move out of state, or moving in with friends, you will need money to do it. Have your loan deferment or payment plan thought out Federal loans go into repayment six months after graduation in what is termed a “grace period.” As the repayment process begins, payments are due every month unless the borrower requests, in writing, a deferment or forbearance. Develop a rapport with your College’s Financial Aid Office in the last year and begin a detail conversation about the loan repayment process. Job searching can be a race of hours or days versus a sprint of minutes Internships, networking, joining professional organizations, and volunteering are some of the opportunities available to you as a student to gain experience and help make your path forward a bit clearer. The attitude required to land a job after college is one of involvement, interaction, positivity, and perseverance. MMI Career Services Upcoming Events:

  • Entrepreneurship Seminar Feb. 25th Noon-1pm in Room 102- Come learn the legal knowledge you need to be a state and federal compliant small business owner from Attorney Drew Coursin of Neider & Boucher, S.C.
  • KICKOFF February 13th, Friday 1pm-3pm GAM Industry Career Chat (Building B) - Come! Listen, learn and apply for GAM openings with Erick S. from Roadview & Mandli Communications. For a preview, go to www.roadview.com/jobs to see what’s open!
  • March 7th, Saturday 8am-3pm- WBA Student Seminar Madison Marriott Hotel: Come ready for Speed Networking, Mock Interviewing, Breakout Sessions, Breakfast & Lunch all for $15 bucks!

Career Advice from Career Services:

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Dane County Job Center Hiring News (Dane County Job Center is located at 1819 Aberg Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin and is a block away from the Metro North Transfer Station. Click here for a map.)

  • Spherion will be on-site on Tuesday, February 10th from 10-12pm recruiting for multiple Customer Service Positions.  Starting pay is $13 an hour.
  • On Wednesday, February 11th from 10-12pm Community Living Alliance will be recruiting for Patient Care Workers full & part-time.

Click HERE for more information on the resources provided by the Career Services Department at MMI