Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services

Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services
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Are you telling yourself you “want to” when you really “have to?” In order to actually do what you say you want to start telling yourself you “have to.”  Switch up what you tell yourself quit the “want to’s” and hire the “have to’s." The person, who says to themselves “I have to,” more often than not, avoids the slip into inaction which comes from a lot of wants and wishful thinking. Is meeting deadlines your challenge or is it just overall procrastination from fear or letting your past failures dictate your present? Overcome and win by telling yourself that there is no more wanting to do. Put your gear in full throttle and hit the gas because you “have to” from here on out! This is the only way to see it.

Make up in your mind today that applying for that job is a “have to” and then believe that it will lead to your success. The price of success is work. Nobody wants to work. But those who perceive working as the thing that has to be done, reach success a lot sooner than the others who don’t. In the end, you will find yourself reaching personal and professional goals with efficiency, all because you told yourself you had to. MMI Career Services Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, February 5th 10:00am-11:30am and 5:30pm-7pm Apple will be interviewing at the West Towne Mall location. See Robert or Laura to lock an interview slot!
  • Wednesday, January 21st  8:30am-10:30am at Madison Concourse Hotel- Wisconsin Broadcasters Association will be hosting an Industry Job/Career Fair. Bring your Resume! Business casual attire.
  • Graduate Showcase will be Tuesday, January 27th 11am-2pm in Building B 2758 Dairy Dr. If you are graduating sign up now to seal your shot at getting hired by an employer.

Career Advice from Career Services:

Local Hiring Openings:

  • Ashley Furniture is hiring for Sales positions! Pay range is $15-$40/hr. Experience is preferred but not required. They will train. Send resume to hr@bostoninc.net.
  • McCullough Creative is hiring for a videographer/editor & a Graphic Designer. For job description details click HERE.
  • Capital Newspapers is hiring for Temp. Press Operators-Nights. Machine operation experience is necessary. Apply HERE.  

Click HERE for more information on the resources provided by the Career Services Department at MMI