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Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services MMI | Media Institute Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services
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Be the Leader that gets hired! One essential fact is employers love to hire leaders. Someone with leadership experience, no matter where it comes from, tells the employer that this person is an i3 person. Initiative-taker, intelligent, and can handle the pressure of working independently. Leadership experience communicates to an employer that the individual across from them possesses the three I’s because the employer identifies you as a leader like them. So the interview turns from job-seeker and HR professional to leader and leader.

There is a fine line between knowing when to ask your supervisor for guidance and figuring out complete an assignment independently. Having leadership experience prepares you to be able to know how to walk that line when needed most: on a job. Leaders lead by actions so taking the initiative at work is essential especially if you want to be a leader in that company. Intelligence has been thought to be the number one qualification employers look for in the ideal candidate; this is true but in today’s job market it is not intelligence in the conventional sense. We all have an IQ but the type of intelligence that attracts employers is how an individual handles pressure, failure, success, and setbacks. This type of intelligence is known as EQ- emotional intelligence. A large portion of call backs from interviews is dependent on how the interviewee answers the behavioral-based questions. Having an high EQ means that you would answer “Tell me about a time when you lead a team to achieve a goal that seemed impossible” with pose, precision, passion, and detail. Your chances of getting your dream job could be intertwined with your leadership experience. MMI Career Services Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, February 5th 10:00am-11:30am and 5:30pm-7pm Apple will be interviewing at the West Towne Mall location. See Robert or Laura to lock an interview slot!
  • Wednesday, January 21st  8:30am-10:30am at Madison Concourse Hotel- Wisconsin Broadcasters Association will be hosting an Industry Job/Career Fair. Bring your Resume! Business casual attire.

Career Advice from Career Services:

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  • An 11 minute podcast on how to sell your experience on your resume.
  • How is your “Follow-Up game?

Local Hiring Openings

  • Ashley Furniture is hiring for Sales positions! Pay range is $15-$40/hr. Experience is preferred but not required. They will train. Send resume to hr@bostoninc.net.

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