Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services - Resumes!

Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services | Media institute Weekly Job Tips & Leads from Career Services - Resumes!
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Special Delivery: Resumes (Part 2) Confidence will carry you! Confidence or self-assurance in the application and interview process starts with having a well-crafted résumé. Your goal should not be limited to having the best looking résumé but should also aim towards writing a résumé that emphasizes your valuableness and achievements. Your belief in your ability to perform a job is a key intangible that you must convey to prospective employers. How to Convey Your Confidence in Your Resume? First, provide persuasive information, versus generic information, when writing your résumé. Most résumés provide only generic information such as the verbatim re-statement of current or former job descriptions. These types of descriptions lack the details of how your work on X led to Y and how this resulted in a successful outcome for your company or organization.

Persuasive information in a résumé, or selling document, can be a description that conveys the value and success you generated in your previous jobs and possibly to your profession. When employers ask for “proven track record of success,” what they are asking for are examples of your contributions to successful initiatives or projects and how those successes added value to your company or organization. For example, a description might read:

  • In year one, as Marketing Director, added 75 new community, government partnerships that expanded our media reach through upper Wisconsin.

Another example would be:

  • Wrote 15 press releases detailing upcoming events which were sent to 100 local media outlets to raise publicity and attract up to 2,000 community members to a movie premiere.

Other examples are available at the Office of Career Services within the College of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin: Madison (see http://careers.ls.wisc.edu/students.htm). Final Thoughts To wrap up, you should incorporate these ideas into your game plan and, as a result, you will convey both confidence and competence. MMI Career Services Upcoming Events:

  • March 20th, Friday 1pm-3pm REC/EAV Industry Career Chat (Building B) - Come! Listen, learn and apply for openings! Majic Productions is have entry level positions available for those with audiovisual skills.
  • March 26th, Thursday Noon - 1pm Building A room 102 Free Pizza and Student Budgeting 101 presented by UW Credit Union Director of Campus Relations Jameis Johnson. Come learn how to create and manage your expense plans. To sign up email ragnew@mediainstitute.edu
  • March 28th, Saturday 2 pm - 5 pm Audio Workshop presented by Wild Hog in the Woods Location: Wil-Mar Center 953 Jenifer St. Madison, WI. Live Sound training opportunity. Free! Register HERE

Career Advice from Career Services:

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