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Is It Worth It?

Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it?  Does all the money, time, effort and yes suffering of going to college pay off? It’s a good question and one not easily answered.  We hear this topic in the news a lot lately.   Are we choosing the right school, the right program and/or will we be able to get a good job/career because of this education? I believe the answer will be different for everyone.  I can only tell you my experience and my opinion.

Media Institute and Rockford Career College Hosts Graduation November 18

Minneapolis Media Institute and Rockford Career College (RCC) will be hosting a combined graduation on Friday, November 18, beginning at 4:00 p.m., at Normandale Community College Auditorium (9700 France Ave. South, Bloomington).
There will be 26 graduates from the two colleges, representing a variety of media-related programs and RCC’s paralegal diploma program.

Introducing our Media Business Associate Completion Degree!

After students earn their diploma, they can continue their education online. The Associate Completion degree in Media Business is designed to provide an opportunity for students who have completed any of the media arts diploma programs to develop fundamental knowledge and skills in media business and marketing while earning an associate’s degree. It’s designed to complement the technical skills developed in a media diploma program and enhancing the talents required for a career in media and/or media-related business.

The Small Details at Madison Media Institute

Art is not just about the creativity of one’s self, but about how we choose to let others see what we create.  Each color, line and shadow transforms a piece into something different. No matter how subtle, what we do at the media institute is to find passion in creating the small details.
Whether that be color correcting a video that may not look any different to a stranger on the street or tweaking the volume of a snare drum in a recording track, minute details are what makes us unique and different. It is in those projects that we must find the passion to push forward.

Graphic and Web Design: Choose Your Culture

Graphic designers and web developers are both highly in-demand fields across nearly all industries. Studying either of these topics gives students the ability to seek work in nearly any field that requires a marketing or online presence, from more traditional commercial businesses to industries like the medical or education fields. Yet for many students, the more enticing aspect of becoming a designer is not the variety of fields to choose from but the variety of atmospheres.

Graduate Showcase

Madison Media Institute held a graduate showcase for final semester students and recent graduates to come and network with employers on Tuesday, September 13th.
This was such an incredible opportunity for employers to get to know some of our students as well as give our graduates life experience when it comes to selling themselves or preparing a portfolio.
We had 13 companies attend with 22 students and graduates ready to meet them.
The feedback from employers was extremely positive and we can only hope that those connections will push them into their careers.