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Full Stack Developer

Last time we discussed a Front-end or Web Designer and how their knowledge of graphics and obsession of pixel level details helps create the look and feel of an app or website. I also continued with that house analogy of comparing back-end development (blueprint design) to front-end development (interior designers) to Front-end Designers (aesthetic placement and textiles). If you want to go back and see what I read in more detail, you can do so here.


Front-end Development

Last Time

The last blog we discussed some of the roles and desires of someone involved in Back-end development. I also gave a house analogy of how to compare back-end development to front-end: back-end people design the blueprint while front-end people are the interior designers. If you want to go back and see what I wrote in more detail, you can do so here.

How much is a picture worth to you?

A thousand words? A few ideas? One solitary concept? What story does it tell? This is the basis for film. The story in front of the camera is just as important as the story behind the camera. Having worked on many productions, I can always remember what went on behind the camera. Those moments are embedded in my memory. I'm not sure why. Maybe it is because the heat on a summer day reaches 103 degrees and the crew still had four more shots to do or I was standing on a frozen lake with wind whipping at my face in minus ten weather waiting for the iceboats to get ready.

Motion Capture Using Motion Eye Tracking

Why should MMI be your choice of a school to learn about Motion Capture? Here is one reason why. Recently the UW Madison approached our Game Art & Animation Staff to test their new motion eye tracking glasses. Of course we took on the project, because this is the kind of first-hand information we like to pass on to our students. Our animation and motion capture teachers and students have fun with this kind of stuff.