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Down With The King

The year was 1986. My mother had let me go to my first house party at the age of 13. It was the middle of winter in a dark basement on the north side of Milwaukee. The DJ was on the wheels of steel (Turntables) back spinning a record that completely captivated me. The record was Peter Piper from Run-DMC. It was at that moment that I had to own that record because I too needed to backspin this song (though I was a horrible DJ) and I wouldn’t let anything stop me. I could define that moment in my life as one of a few watershed moments. We have all had them.

Entertainment & Media Business Student Spotlight

Congratulations to Entertainment & Media Business student Cassy Goldbeck! We asked her to tell us about her recent career success and to give some advice to her fellow students: My job for J. Stevens Productions is ever changing. I help to advance concerts that will be coming to the Crystal Grand Music Theatre. This job includes reading the riders that the bands have in their contracts.

MMI Students Welcome Mayor Paul Soglin

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin recently shared insights with Madison Media Institute students enrolled in the course “The Role of Mass Communication in Culture and Politics.” In his younger days, Soglin was a counterculture icon who championed opposition to the Vietnam War. Known as “The Hippie Mayor” when he was first elected to office in 1973 at age 27, he’s been elected Mayor seven times, serving 17 years in office spread over four decades.