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Alumni Dan Szafranek in Ferguson, MO

I recently had an ESPN gig in Ferguson, MO covering a high school football team as they started their season in the midst of heated protests that stemmed from the shooting of Michael Brown. The team could not practice on their own fields, as the school was locked down as a result of the riots, looting, and the local gas station being burned. The Ram's were generous to open their practice facility for this high school team to get ready for their game.

This is THE MIC

This is THE MIC. You see, this isn’t just any mic, it is THE MIC. This is the tie that binds, the straw that stirs the drink, the color in your Kool-Aid if you will. Hip-Hop in Madison, WI hasn’t gotten a fair shake. Now I’m not placing blame or pointing my finger at officials or promoters or club owners and saying that this is your fault. I am going to take the thumb from the hand that points and recognize that thumb is pointing back at me. I am to blame for Hip-Hop not getting a fair shake in Madison, just as much as anyone else is.

Madison Media Students Assist with The Peoples Law School

Madison Media students are completing several episodes of  “The People’s Law School” which is a series of shows dealing with both legal and consumer issues. The students began working with the Wisconsin Association for Justice in developing the concept of short webisodes to reach the younger audience with high impact information that is important to understand in simple terms.

New in the Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) at MMI serves the information needs of students as they pursue their studies and prepare themselves for employment in the real-world.  The LRC provides a robust collection of learning materials for all of MMI’s students, as well as learning support services such as writing center support, reference and research services, career planning, and resource circulation.