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Social Media and Video Engagement

For those that manage a social media account (or ten) there is always the challenge to create relevant content that engages your target audience. Few forms of content do this more reliably than short form video. The key to engaging video content for social media is relevance to your audience. Yes, slick video production and editing skills help (you can get those skills here), but consistently relevant content trumps even the slickest video if it lacks a meaningful connection to the audience.

Why Doesn’t Pro Tools Play Back My Selection?

I got a call yesterday from my friend Ken, a singer-songwriter and music producer I’ve known for many years.  He was pulling his hair out - it seems his Pro Tools system had gone temporarily insane. No matter where he placed the cursor in a track, Pro Tools would play back somewhere else. Ken is quite skilled as a recording engineer, and he’s been using Pro Tools for a number of years, so he thought it might be something related to pre-roll. Unfortunately, toggling pre-roll on and off (command – K, in case you’re curious) made no difference.

How Graphic Design Speaks to Me

Why do I like Graphic Design? That’s actually a really good question and probably the best place for me to start with for some of my blogs. I think the major reason that I like it, is the same reason I like Game Design or art in general. It speaks to me and enables me to speak to other people. Design is the ability to communicate to people through an image whether it involves words or not doesn’t matter. It’s the ability to relate an idea or story to the viewer that draws me in every time.

Work Hard or Skate By in the Recording Business

“Yeah, who cares anyway? I’ve got natural ability so I really don’t have to work too hard on this project. I can skate by on this one, and nobody will be the wiser.” I’ve been in the recording business a long time and I can honestly say I’ve seen these people and they do get noticed eventually. That attention is not the kind you want. With that being said let’s get back to my point. “Who cares! No one will notice!”

Digital product marketing, does it always work?

Well, just like last week here is another blog that involves a recording artist. This week we focus on their digital product marketing. Have you heard of the music streaming and download site Tidal? If so, I am guessing it has more to do with the publicity it has received due to Kanye West’s decision to release his new album exclusively through the service than anything else. That is right; Kanye West gave Tidal the exclusive on his new album.

Back-end Development

Last Time

In the last blog I talked about the very basics of working on the web as well as Development and Design, or Front-end and Back-end development. I listed some of the very basic skill sets used by both roles in hopes of breaking down the roles in to more easily digested bits of information, or “snackables” that are so common place online today. If you want to go back and see what I said in more detail, you can do so at: You want to Work in Web Development and Design?

Impact of Social Media

As you are probably well aware, the music industry is constantly bringing the drama. Whether it is Martin Skrelli paying millions of dollars for a Wu Tang Clan album that he has no interest in listening to or Kanye’s ridiculous rants on Twitter, there is constantly something reaching us on social media that is totally irrelevant. This week however, fans and celebrities are taking to social media in support of the recording artist Ke$ha and allegations she has made against her long time producer.   Ke$ha has sued her Record Producer Dr.

You want to work in Web Development and Design?

Starting out

You’ve been doing your research and you keep reading that Web Development and Design are careers in demand. Jobs with high pay where you can work remotely from home. Always the first on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and countless others- it all seems so simple and easy to you. You’ve always had an eye for design and can navigate a computer easy enough. Let’s jump into this Web Development and Design, right? Great! But there are a lot of options on how to proceed… now what should you do?